Monday, November 25, 2013

AGO Ire'o Monday - Honoring 'dem

Friday, November 15, 2013

nzo.califa's POWER of 3 campaign gets SWAY motion!

Sheer gratitude for Sway Calloway of "Sway In The Morning Show" SHADE45 (Sirius XM Radio) for powering up Our campaign with a Facebook post of support this morning.

Funding for Our #NOLA kinship supports 23 students K-12 to participate for the 1st time in New Orleans Fringe Festival Nov. 21-24:


#NOLA Teaching-Artist/ Producer wins for 23 Youth in Arts Campaign Success!
Just yesterday Friday, November 16th nzo.califa Dance Works joined powerful #Dance-building movements through harvesting our network resources to get on board to the #Powerof3.  One of our target cohorts "Negras Quilombolas" initiated by Ja'neese Brooks-Galathe of New Orleans, rally's support from New Orleans loyal Community supporters to online efforts launched through a 30-day GoFundMe crowd funder on Facebook. With a celebrated $2151.00 raised to date, even until its last day Ja'neese stays in gratitude with faith unwavering encouraging the #GIVE and forges ahead...

7Pm - Nov. 15th

and overnight

We were all overjoyed, none more than  Ms. Ja'nese, loyal New Orleans supporters and throughout.   More great news delivered by @Shine_Agent on Twitter - Negras Quilombolas  is highlighted as a "BEST PICK" at the New Orleans Fringe Festival. #Stellar

Here's WHY we all support Negras Quimbolas... Boa Sorte Ja'neese and Marcio com muito Axe' and to the 23 Youth on #SHINE at the New Orleans Fringe Festival and Family Fringe Festival 2013.
November 20th - 24th, 2013...

                                          Negras Quilombolas Campaign

Thursday, November 14, 2013

GIVE to the POWER OF 3 in #Dance Motion - #OAK, #NOLA, #STL

nzo.califa Dance Works is excited to align with such creative and powerful #Dance movements in Community-building, preserving legacies for generations today and next. Please extend beyond an arm's reach and exercise your GIVE with kinship alike. Knowing that the journey along the way yields the best rewards, help these Leaders reach their intended GOAL where everybody wins!  ~A Heartfelt thanks.

*live links for each project below, just read & then click*
abunDANCE Donor Campaign empowering the GIVE revitalizing philanthropic efforts in our Community

*campaigns listed in order of time-sensitivity
#New Orleans 
Negras Quimbolas: 
#St. Louis 
80 to Sustain: Katherine Dunham Museum:

# in gratitude