Friday, November 15, 2013

nzo.califa's POWER of 3 campaign gets SWAY motion!

Sheer gratitude for Sway Calloway of "Sway In The Morning Show" SHADE45 (Sirius XM Radio) for powering up Our campaign with a Facebook post of support this morning.

Funding for Our #NOLA kinship supports 23 students K-12 to participate for the 1st time in New Orleans Fringe Festival Nov. 21-24:


#NOLA Teaching-Artist/ Producer wins for 23 Youth in Arts Campaign Success!
Just yesterday Friday, November 16th nzo.califa Dance Works joined powerful #Dance-building movements through harvesting our network resources to get on board to the #Powerof3.  One of our target cohorts "Negras Quilombolas" initiated by Ja'neese Brooks-Galathe of New Orleans, rally's support from New Orleans loyal Community supporters to online efforts launched through a 30-day GoFundMe crowd funder on Facebook. With a celebrated $2151.00 raised to date, even until its last day Ja'neese stays in gratitude with faith unwavering encouraging the #GIVE and forges ahead...

7Pm - Nov. 15th

and overnight

We were all overjoyed, none more than  Ms. Ja'nese, loyal New Orleans supporters and throughout.   More great news delivered by @Shine_Agent on Twitter - Negras Quilombolas  is highlighted as a "BEST PICK" at the New Orleans Fringe Festival. #Stellar

Here's WHY we all support Negras Quimbolas... Boa Sorte Ja'neese and Marcio com muito Axe' and to the 23 Youth on #SHINE at the New Orleans Fringe Festival and Family Fringe Festival 2013.
November 20th - 24th, 2013...

                                          Negras Quilombolas Campaign

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