Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bay Pioneers of Haitian Dance honored at RTL's Rasanble 2013

July/2013 | Oakland, CA --Humanist Hall: An intimate night of honor featuring an Honorary Dance Tribute to Blanche Brown & Lynn Coles, Pioneers in Traditional Haitian Dance Traditions * featuring Rara Tou Limen & former members of Blanche Brown's Petit La Croix. Warmly encrusted with the special ingredients that make a night like this so special. Rasanble2013 did not disappoint as participants entered the space displaying that which makes Haitian Cultural Arts, Community and the people so special. Joined in kinship via Congo SQ West Kinship Society was pleased to serve as Community partner and took on another year serving as Madamemosille of ceremonies while cohort Janeen Johnson midwifed the evening with production expertise, bearing a special love for Rasanble and its leadership.

Rara Tou Limen Haitian Performing Company led the evening with its signature "Rebirth"  choreography, dancing Yanvalou leaving the space transformed into temple with an ethereal presence and warm glow. Special highlights included veteran members of Haitian Dance Company Petit La Croix as it had been a decade since this reconvening - stomping the yard with poignancy and fierce grace, surprising their beloved teacher and honoree -
Ms. Blanche Brown. Below is the photo of this legacy moment.

 Honoring Legacy of  Master Artist/Teacher Ms. Blanche Brown w/Petit La Croix Alumni

RTL Directors Portsha & Daniel praise their supporters

P. Jefferson w/ Legacy Haitian/Dunham technique Teacher
Ms. Lynn Coles

  • Haiti Cultural Exchange Report Back [Video Montage + Personal Testimonies]   wwith Daniel Brevil and 2013 participants 
  • Performance with Rara Tou Limen Dance & Drum Performing Company along with RTL Kanaval Group '13.
  • Master Folkloric Dance Classes were conducted by Blanche Brown & special guest
  • Haitian Artists Mona Estime Amira Pierre-Richard Leurbourg
  • Rara Tou Limen Directors led KIDS! Folkloric Dance, Artistic Director, Portsha Jefferson 
  • Drum Circle & Vodou Song Class Master Drummer, Daniel "Brav" Brevil
  • Basic Kreyol taught by Sandrine Malary 
  • Community spotlight on Zanmi Lakay: Supporting street children in Haiti through Education, Outreach, and Community Photography Programs for over 15 years.
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