Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dance in Flow - Carnaval San Francisco 2015

Carnaval San Francisco Parade Prize Winners 2015
*Felicidades to everyone who participated this year, WE are ALL Winners
1st place: Fogo Na Roupa 
2nd place:Buena Vista Horace Mann School
3rd place:Group Samba Rio/Samba Queen Maisa Duke & Energia do Samba
3rd place:Latin Dance Grooves

1st place:Tambores Julio Remelexo & Ginga Brazil
2nd place:Sambaxe Dance Company
3rd place:Batala San Francisco

1st place:Karibbean Vibrationz
2nd place:Sistas-Wit-Style
3rd place:Mas Makers Massive

1st place:Dance Sherman Elementary School
2nd place:Mixtiso/Sanchez Elementary School
1st place:Xipe Totec Aztec Dancers
2nd place:Rueda Con Ritmo
3rd place:Comunidad Yucateca-Asociacion Mayab
1st place:Loco Bloco
2nd place:Samba Funk! Carnaval Explosion with King Theo
3rd place:Latin American Workout

*listed courtesy of Carnaval San Francisco www.carnavalsanfrancisco.org

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Night of Tribute - Legacy of Bay Area Shine feat. Blanche Brown

San Francisco, CA -- May 28th
San Francisco Fort Mason Center, Cowell Theater
congosqwest.org | congosqwest@gmail.com |#CSQwest10

An inaugural night of tribute in dance honoring Bay Area Arts Pioneers whose works represent historical cultural gateways. 
Now in its 10th year, Congo SQ West Kinship Society has partnered with San Francisco International Arts Festival to salute this year’s Guest of Honor, Dance Pioneer Blanche Brown, and her legacy of Arts Ambassadorship, including a milestone Teaching career at age 79. Commemorative highlights include Outstanding Service recognition, Ancestral remembrance and a rare Haitian Dance Reunion Performance. Be there in witness: ADVANCE TIX ON SALE --> click link #CSQWEST10

Congo SQ West's Flagship Event commemorating its 10th Anniversary joins SF  Int'l Arts Festival 
to lift the crowns of Bay Area Cultural Gatekeepers, while preserving their invaluable legacies; This 
inaugural night will highlight  historical firsts, cultivating cultural cradle-place and restore kinship.
Click this link to learn more about Ms. Blanche Brown featured in the San Francisco Bayview.

His legacy yields a legendary roster of Drum luminaries Otobaji Obatero, 
Baba David Frazier, Baba Yagbe Onilu,Calvin Holmes, John Santos, 
Zeke Nealy, Rick Prijadi, Butch Haynes & more...
She brings an unforgettable presentation of inter-generational 
Dance Village,bridging students from the institutions she's built 
since the 80's Balet Saba' West African Dance Co. & Umoja House!

Bay Area Jazz Dance Empresario, Int'l Dancer & Choreographer 
Founding member of Citicentre Dance Theater, Exec. Director
of The BEAT - Berkeley Center for Performing Arts.

Next Generation Artist: One of the Bay Area's foremost Dance agents for 
building, training and Teaching Dance. Trained in legendary institutions, 
she blazes her own trails as Creator of LatinDanceGrooves.com

*Learn more about these Cultural luminaries, mini-bios at

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bay Area Carnaval Festivity May 22nd - 25th 2015

Carnaval San Francisco May 24th/25th 2015- Parade Line Up
Oakland Carnival Mon. May 25th - Mosswood Park Webster/MacArthur
...for the latest in Oakland Carnival happenings visit on Facebook  OAKLAND CARNIVAL

Monday, May 4, 2015

Water reflections upon a Community Washing

2009 Pine Street "Wash" Black Dot & Congo SQ West
      I am convinced that I must have immediate access to large bodies of water in my daily life as Water is the vitality of our life's blood, nature's gold a maternal Family surname. I thrive from participating in Sacred water initiatives and water preservation campaigns. Mami Wata's powerful transcendental influence - mermaids, underwater human-like creatures to the Starbuck's logo, yet equally concerned about the Gulf Coast's erosion, "man-made" lakes and bottled water?! Nevertheless, water starts my day with cleansing ori and blessing my steps, saluting the 4 directions and pouring for the divine, thanking the plant and animal kingdom and to refresh Ancestral libations - iba'se. 

Wezolo! - 2 Mami Wata sightings in one day! - Oakland 12th St Bart plaza and upon the entrance of LDG Carnaval rehearsal at Abada Capoeira, San Francisco founded by  Mestre Cigarra Marcia Treidler. 

[ below pix 1: Elizabeth joined by Mentors /Master Teachers, Susana Arenas & Amara Tabor Smith Priestesses of Yemaya. pix2: LDG- member Betty Pazmino Seasoned Dance Queen, demonstrating flair and grace ]

LatinDanceGrooves.com: Award winning Carnaval contingent, Latin Dance Grooves, led by Elizabeth Soberanes ushers whirls and twirls of skirt combinations Latin Dance styles from popular to sacred Afro Cuban traditions, honoring dos aguas "two waters" Yemaya and Oshun - Aguas dulce, Aguas Sagrada, reflecting the overall Carnaval San Francisco's 2015 theme, paying homage to water. Their presentation this year shall be the Lavagem. -- "the washing."  Salve Yabas

Where I love to be, draped in the vitality of her mysteries so long in time, 
yet earthed rite where I plant plant my feet, now tempered. 

Thank you Iya...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

#CSQwest10 Bay Area Honorees DANCE Week - MAY 10th-14th

Bay Area, CA -- Buzzing with salutations and celebrations honoring the Honorees this year's legacies of Cultural Gatekeepers to be honored MAY 28th at the San Francisco International Arts Festival, in a Night of Tribute in Dance, honoring Dance Pioneer, Blanche Brown, produced by Congo SQ West Kinship Society. Honorees week MAY 10th - MAY 14th encourages our constituencies to ENGAGE through the DANCE and LEARN more about the people behind the living legacy, reflecting a wealth of kinship associations historical to the Bay Area Cultural Landscape and beyond! Tickets available online for Night of Tribute in Dance, honoring Dance Pioneer Blanche Brown. [ click link ]

Come on out and participate and share a good word. 
Check the listing below for class/workshop offerings:
For more info: www.congosqwest.org

Congo SQ West boasts an exciting week of signature #Dance programming and exchange
in commemoration of their 10th partnering with the SF International Arts Festival. #CSQwest10
Join a special Night in Tribute and Commemoration, as advance reserved tickets [$25] are available on sale now. Also available, "the real deal" VIP tickets [$35], promise premium seating with an exclusive opportunity to experience LIVE! @Congo SQ West reception / mixer. VIP will bask in memorabilia, celebrate legacy fruits and some of the finest in Artistic offerings. 

      VIP reception features Artistic comrades of historical kinship with #CSQwest10:
[partial listing]
Peru: Proyecto Lando's Pedro Rosales  Cultural caretaker & caj√≥n virtuoso 
Marina Lavalle Peru Negro's premier voice for Black Peru & 
premier guitarist of Criolla tradition, Maestro Vladimir "Papo" Vukanovich  

Democratic Republic of Congo's Jacques Ibula Activist/Musician to strike a chord of acoustic mediumship of Congo risings and invocations of consciousness & heart 

Buy tickets at this link: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1344834