Wednesday, October 25, 2017

nzoCALIFA- Fall2017 Ancestral Harvest Installation

Honoring the legacy of Malonga Center Community, from the days of Everybody's Creative Arts Center transcending to Citicentre Dance as an anchor tenant in the Alice Arts Center to what we celebrate today at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts. Take a moment to pay homage, Dance all day Free at #LIL10 and visit the Oakland Main in November.  
If you have ever danced, drummed, have seen a show, attended an event, volunteered or simply hung out, there's more to the Malonga Center than the building,  it's a vibrant society of peoples, housing some of the Bay Area's most historical African performance companies, Arts organizations, demonstrating landmark activism, birthed from its celebrated history of being one of the oldest multi-cultural Arts organizations in the Bay Area,  to the only cultural destination place of its kind today.   
     Our vitality hinges upon the continuance of maintaining a quality of life afforded to us by those before us, while honoring the fruits of our labor today.  We do this together in commemoration to honor our Communal Ancestors; We invite you to this altar:  to offer up a prayer, owo [money], creative gifts, presentation and advise forward that in this effort to be mindful, intentional and of good Spirit. ~Matondo [thank you] #HonorBreath

     This year's installation was made possible through the gracious gifts of time, wisdom and donations of good folks of the Malonga Center Community with a dedication, commitment to continuing these works.  I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude for the Guardianship of our Elder Ifa/Orisha Community for their willingness, steadfastness, and dedication for preserving Ancestral traditions in the Oakland Bay Area Community.  Ultimately my Family and Communal kinship demonstrating next level commitment 
" any divine mean necessary." I thank you from the depths of my Soul.   ├ás̩e̩'o  
~ R. Califa Calloway, Nzo Califa Dance Works

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sweet Benevolence - Oakland Secondline Ancestral Celebration

@nzoCALIFA--Oakland, CA 
"We need to come together to honor our Ancestors of this Community, it's been too long." [an inspirational conversation with Baba Tacuma King, Sept. 2017]

     As Commune+Unity, it becomes imperative for us to engage and carry out Ancestral atonement rituals and rites that continue to prosper the Community.
It was also the answer to usher relief within my own family as we are grieving the loss of our phenomenal Spiritual Matriarch, Educator and Healer
My Auntie Selyah aka "Bebe" [turquoise] and more , as family members from Stockton to Berkeley and Oakland, came to represent our legacy best, and in the streets no less. 

Oakland, CA: My Family showed up 16 deep for this day, representing 4 generations, Spiritual ties, and newly discovered DNA relations; Processions, parades, marching in the streets is our legacy hailing from African Ancestored rooted traditions.  Together we came to lift our beloved transitioned and give praise to life: Auntie Selyah G. Waters, Cousin Yolanda Morton, Cousin Gyasi Ramos, Calloways, Hunters, Lowery's with our Ancestral Gatekeeper at the helm my maternal grandfather - Claude Waters, Jr, iba'e, iba'e tonnu.  *A special thank you to Baba Tacuma King, Brother Harold "Homeboy" Wilson and The Benevolent Oakland Community Society. @nzoCALIFA 

video clip: courtesy of @nzoCALIFA
Brass band: Led by Harold "Homeboy" Wilson
Twilight Brass Band & Community with
Big Chief Ray "Hatchet" Blazio, Wild Apache
Mardi Gras Indian Nation of New Orleans

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

WAH! Africa In Oakland - Congolese Dance and legacy

     Fua Dia Congo Dance Alum '96 Janeen Johnson, also a founding member of
Kongo SQ West Kinship Society
offers her creative prowess to the Malonga Center Community Ancestral Altar this season adorning Ancestral bottles - in continued commitment to these works, see the 1st installment at Life is Living Festival, Sat. October 28, 2017 - Africa In Oakland Dance Ceremony begins at 10:00A - Come and pay homage, make an offering, Commune in Unity through the Dance. And indeed YES, Old School rules, WAH!
Learn more at our link Fall 2017 Ancestral Harvest Installation ~ @nzoCALIFA