Tuesday, February 23, 2021

FEB.2021 Crown Day in Dance, Spirit and Giving LIFE!

Blessings in shared Dance Spirit;
I'm sending love and gratitude to you and yours in vitality and wellness. Now, tell me to this day,
HOW ARE YOU DANCING?! Are you taking a class, creating movement or has your steps transcended into a different way of moving these days. I pray that whatever your answer may be, that you're in the JOY of it or that your movement allows you to free up, BE and breathe freely. And if by chance your physical movement is limited, I pray that your eyes Dance upon inspirational movement that you SEE and may your HEART Dance to favorite grooves. May I recommend what I'm listening to now:

CARLOS SANTANA's "Black Magic Woman" [link]
*Inspirational lyrics, phenomenal music for your Soul for such evolutionary times. Share with me, how it made you feel or move.

Most of my own Dance steps happen in my living room, my backyard or sometimes outside at a park. These days, I am honoring my "Homestay" time investing in my vitality and my business.
      Something about Spirit though, it's always moving even in stillness. It's during these moments that I align with this time; to be refueled by the most High in creating my life's paths. I am aware that there are necessary cues guiding my steps, during what would seem to be such a cataclysmic time of CHANGE.  I value all of the Universe's time to let us know to check in and get into FORMATION. 
what I've been up to: Most of my beginning works during the pandemic have been through Volunteer and Missionary Services, uplifting programs of awareness about self-care; I've also answered a call to action to connect Community with local and County resources; Also, serving as a Communal steward with Kongo SQ West Kinship Society,  I enjoyed cooking for Family Elders meal preparations for delivery. At the same time, I've witnessed death at a more than alarming rate, and maintained with fervor to hone in on Family, to keep safety and self-care protocols in tact. 
     I'm eternally grateful to our frontline Medical workers, aligned Civic duty agents, Sacred Healers, My Church, Ile and certainly not least, Mother Earth -- for the animal, plants and trees are thriving well!
I CELEBRATE MY CROWN DAY THIS MONTH & HONORING EVERYDAY IN FEBRUARY TO DO IT. An homage to Black History Month I align my energies to uplift 
my Crown Day requesting gifts of books to "Elevate My Crown" from my curated wishlist. The blessings are pouring in as my Library is growing with titles and authors whose works are critical to one's research and learning experience. Many are Celebrated Authors as well as Colleagues and Professors, making a tremendous contribution to the field of Genealogy and Family History with trailblazing legacy. Until February's end, I continue to celebrate my Love for what I do and the BOOKS that #nextlevel my Service, Check them out:  Crown Day Elevations Booklist  


Hey Facebook Folks! February is flexing our philanthropy.  I rally up my Communal kinship on Facebook to sow a seed, We're investing in an organization's legacy of Service that continues to GIVE 
to Generations: The African American Genealogical Society of Northern California [AAGSNC]
At 72% to date,  Donate to My B-Day Facebook #goodGIVE Campaign for AAGSNC!

Learn more information about one of California's 
Historical Genealogical Societys www.aagsnc.org

You Can find your Ancestor
You Can find your Ancestor, 
You Can find your Ancestor!
It's Virtual FREE, Register Today:

The Movement continues! TRUST that our Dance is LIFE's choreography and Spirit moving through US. The TRANSFORMATION is happening NOW, let's continue to BE in this Dance...

in shared Dance kinship works,
Sis. Regina Califa
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Friday, December 11, 2020

Destined to DANCE and did it with SOUL Train

nzoCALIFA-- Now, most Movement Artists are never pigeon-holed into one particular style, we Dance to the rhythms and the pulses of our World...My Mom says I Danced the whole 9 months in her womb, trust me even though she was a Dancer too - I was indeed the lead choreographer then. *wink* So it'd be no surprise, I loved and still LOVE to Dance. One of the highlights for a young passionate Dancer of my time is that what you see on TV, turns into a real reality for you. Like what happened for one such Dance Dynamo, my good friend and College Dancing partner,  Jeffrey McCrimon, HE was a Soul Train Dancer!!! 
        And YES, I'll never forget our L.A. trip to visit him on set and actually Dance upon the Soul Train floor. And the world still loves and celebrates the Soul Train legacy envisioned by the legendary Don Cornelius: Fashion, Music, Celebrities, the latest step -- 
But I'll let my friend Jeff tell you all about his claim to fame as a Soul Train Dancer; a featured series on the Soul Train youtube channel, #RiteON Jeff!

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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Ancestral Crown Day - Ta Malonga Casquelourd



November 5, 1947 - June 15, 2003


nzoCALIFA-- At Berkeley High School, we had a phenomenal African American Studies Department and African Dance Program then lead by Dunham luminary and San Francisco City College Dance Teacher Paula McCullum [iba'e]. She taught us Dunham, Afro Haitian, Jazz Dance, Ballet, Samba, and Congolese Dance, all masterfully. Then, it was Bay heyday to easily take a class by any native of these aforementioned traditions as many had migrated to the region erecting a Pan African Dance Diaspora portal like no other in the country. 
       There were many to trailblaze the field yet to my lineage were the likes of Ruth Beckford & Professor Nontsizi Cayou *give praise to life* to Dance Pioneer Dr. Halifu Osumare, yet the Dance wind beneath my wings was indeed Paula. 
She was like a Dance guardian to continue my life choreo, literally birthed by my Mother -- And my Mama Pat was and IS a Dancer. 

NAJUMA in concert; feat. Tribute Malonga Casquelourd, March 1982 *Berkeley Highschool*
<<photo to appear courtesy of @nzoCALIFA Dance Works archives copy by permission only, thank you>>

AND PAULA introduced me to "the Congo Man", ONSTAGE at the Berkeley Highschool Dance Department Performance concert in the Little Theater in 1982 -- no choreo, no cues, just keep up and "HIT IT HARD LIKE THE OLD SCHOOL!" *that's what he'd say* And that I did!

Matondo Ta Malonga, there'll never be another like you, yet so many of US are imprinted by your fantastic legacy of Visionary Artistic excellence and powerful leadership and movement of activism on and off the stage. Matondo Mamingui and BLESS YOU for invoking my Kongo aka 

love light and sweet ascension,

~"mosquito muerta"

courtesy of Fua Dia Congo

photo cr: Ric Rocamora

Ancestral remembrance exhibit and Installation: #nzoCALIFAncestry & @KongoSQwest


R. Califa Calloway
@nzoCALIFA :: IG

Monday, October 12, 2020

Global ZOOM Tribute for Mestre King 2020

nzoCALIFA-- It was Brasil '1994, that I'd encountered Raimundo Bispo do Santos aka Mestre King, in my first sojourn to Salvador da Bahia Brasil, and affirmatively so, my Ancestral Homeland. As there are a thousand pages more of memories I hold, I release this post to share a vignette of this remarked time.                                      Partnered thru a commission with the late Mestre Carlos Gilberto Aceituno, Founder Director of Fogo Na Roupa Groupo Carnavalesca, one of the tasks of my Dance quest was to meet and take a class with Dance Pioneer Mestre King. It took a one and half hour bus ride from Engenho Velho da Brotas to the infamed Curuzu bairro, home of nação Ile Aiye. I spoke my credentials in my mixta brasi-englespanol...thank God Mestre King could translate body language and "Carlos". LOL

And immediately the class started! We were piled in a small classroom with a cement floor that was dusted with the earth, and had to move the desks out of way; With barely an arms-length apart, we flipped, double turned and battement every which way, dancing at a barra vento rhythmic pace. Oh, and you better DANCE and duck or get the "HELLo" out of the way or you'd assuredly be hit.  Mestre King STILL expected you to DANCE ALL OUT *no practice here*; Arms and limbs fully extended with the vigor, grace, and finesse he'd demonstrate. I was "worrrkked" and every muscle, ligament, and bone hurt; I had no idea I would bravely do a handstand on the cement floor, come back up with blackened palms, and hit the ending pose on time-- at the strike of the Drum!

     "Mestre King worked the body yet challenged our Souls to Dance, and our Spirit commanded us to follow through." ~R.Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works

As with most Pioneering leaders, Mestre taught generations of students, erecting legacies that I'd also study with, whose evolutionary work has transcended into trailblazing Dance forms--the likes of all whom I adore and whose works I continue to celebrate: Luis Badaro, Roseangela Silvestre, Zebrinha, including the late Augusto Omulu, the incomparable Dance Spirit for Xango,  Fomigao and legacy works of Mestre Carlos Gilberto Aceituno [iba'se]

A unique kinship was built from this Dance trek that'd be cultivated through the dynamic Artistic leadership and Spiritual stewardship of my irmã and irmão Maestra Nildinha Fonseca and Mestre Ze Ricardo Santos of the infamed Balé Folclórico da Bahia.  World renown, they are beloved and respected Artivists that have advanced not only the field research excellence of Afro Brasileña Contemporánea but also the study of the Folkloric traditions of Brasil as well.  Today, they are dedicated Professors rightfully seated as advocates for understanding the African Cultural Spiritual traditions of Candomble. SALVEEE *sigh, with a smile*

Hosted by Viver Brasil, Come be in the Dance, and join us in tribute to our Mestre King! A Global Communal movement tribute, featuring the incomparable partnership of Nildinha and Ze as they will teach Orixa Dance movement and Danca Afro, Honoring Mestre King's legacy,  

A Grand Salute to Mestre Badaro and Profesora Linda Yudin. ~com muito Axe'

REGISTER at: ViverBrasil.com/VIRTUALREG  I already have. 😉

Abênção Mestre King and Mestre Carlos


R.Califa / @nzoCALIFA

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

NOLA - Big Queen Kim "Cutee" Boutte, Fly Away


“We bowed down to her and she will always be my queen,” Bazile said. “It’s hard to see a good soul go so fast.”                                                   Second Queen "Cinnamon Black" on ~Nola.com


Our deepest prayers of Grand Love and light to this sweet soul transitioning; Our Love and Support ease in shared kinship to Big Chief Victor Harris, of The mighty nation of the Spirit of Fi Yi Yi Black-masking Indians tradition and our Greater New Orleans Commune+Unity.  

~Heaven help us ALL, help ourselves...

Sis. R.Califa, @nzoCALIFA