Thursday, January 30, 2020

#nzoCALIFAncestry: Black History Month - delivered

nzoCALIFA-- I'm on a mission targeting two of my favorite portals for advancing Genealogy services: Libraries and the Community. Each element is vital to Human wellness and prospering Society, as both are part of my foundation of service. I create dynamic partnering initiatives for bridging, kinship-building and strengthening Family ties.
*Are you a Library, Community Center or Org ready?! 
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Instagram: @ReginaCalifa360
" stimulate the invaluable resources of our local libraries while drawing Families IN to tell their own stories, and preserve FAMILY HISTORY."  ~#nzoCALIFAncestry

Our Winter Season initiative is on target to bridge Libraries with Community to strengthen Family Ties and build Communal kinship. We service from San Joaquin Valley to the South Bay. Join us in shared kinship works - Participate, and promote our works of service.
contact: online site info: #nzoCALIFAncestry

FEB. 8th -Genealogy at Maya Angelou Library
Stockton-San Joaquin County

FEB. 4th Black History Read-In Culture Fest
Oakland Public Library MAIN

#nzoCALIFAncestry More than history, amplify YOUR story starting with the Ancestral Wisdom of your Family. Be inspired by the guidance and unearthings of Field Research Genealogist, Curator and Professional Teaching Artist.
 R. Califa Calloway


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

nzoCALIFA: When Dance Advances the Story

nzoCALIFA--from the desk of R. Califa Calloway 
"I started my #Dancestory2013 trek thru application for a Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI) Scholarship to its inaugural session at Harris-Stowe State Universityin St. Louis, Missouri. The Institute is the only of its time specializing in African Ancestrered Genealogy, an invaluable Genealogy Homestead whose leadership has blazed trails of inspiration. Scores of Family lines later, ultimately scratching the shores of Mama Africa, to making connections with my African kinship; my inner quest was fully realized into true reality with renewed purpose.

       With fueled dedication, I now take my platform to the very Community portals that cultivate, preserve and practice African Cultural traditions, which have become vital in sustaining the legacy thru the discovery of their African within. There are monumental historical narratives we celebrate today, a feat not ever to be taken for granted, yet there is the personal narrative, yOURstory --phenomenal testimonials right here from our own backyard [local], more notably the ones still to be told from our very Eldership. To date, there exists a livewire bridging the heavens to the earth where Ancestral calls are made more often, waiting on standby for its descendants to answer..."

                 Advance your next steps in service to the Dance - we're here for you, 
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Friday, December 6, 2019

IBA'E- Dance Royalty ascends to Her Ancestral throne

oakland - Lifting Her Higher
SAT. 2P-7P, Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts
1428 Alice Street, 3rd floor, Dimensions Dance Studio
Oakland, CA. 94612 *please review flier for details

I shall always revere and cherish Sistar Renee's guided leadership ushering the zenith of my African
Dance Career, dancing for 2 premiere Companies Fua Dia Congo and Ceedo Senegalese Dance
Company. Renee's energy indefatigable, Her Spirit indomitable, now ascending...
Progress well Dear Friend, as we ALL are challenged to Lift you higher, I ride.
R. Califa, your Dance-kin

Friday, November 8, 2019

Kongo SQ West Spotlight at #SwayFest 2019

nzoCALIFA-- One of our best days! When our life's works intersect as trifold:  Family, Community and Professionally, the meeting place -- Kongo SQ West in Oakland, California at #Swayfest2019, right outside the Pandora Headquarters. 
       In its inaugural year, Kongo SQ West Kinship Society and Choose College Foundation were chosen Organizations serving the Oakland Bay Area, with extended services of impact beyond. Hosted by leading podcast and discovery platform Pandora, the day was specially curated, with full integration and partnership by SiriusXM. Now joined, the two media giants celebrate Sway Calloway's National accomplishments, also a consummate global bridging agent of network communications.  For Sway, he gifts credit to God, Family and his beloved hometown of Oakland, CA.
Inspired to cast his Shine, Kongo SQ West's Founder/ Leader Regina "Califa" Calloway receives an award of recognition on behalf of the organization and is given the stage to usher "Service" to the Bay Area citizens of Swayfest and it global constituents, courtesy of  #SwayintheMorning on SiriusXM, Eminem's Shade45[seen at 6:08] The two have crossed platforms in their respective works for nearly 2 decades, delivering #nextlevel service in shared kinship. nzoCALIFA Hails you up Sway, with ultra Love, Matondo! 

     Since 2005, Kongo SQ West Kinship Society provides distinct services of impact in campaign relief advancement and social entrepreneurship.  Serving primarily the Bay Area, California with extensions to New Orleans, the Caribbean, and the Congo, the organization harvests the natural resources of its communities through strategic partnerships. As a respected Cultural Arts leader, Kongo SQ West remains dedicated to establishing a legacy of well-being and nourishment of communal artists of shared kinship works. *Learn more about how we serve: