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#nzoCALIFAncestry: Ancestral discovery brings the Shine at Oakland Main Library

#nzoCALIFAncestry cultivates Genealogy kinship and Ancestral/Communal Healing initiatives, fueled by ongoing fieldworks research and my Genealogy platform

Session II - Genealogy/kinship attendees at Oakland Public MAIN Library, conducted by R. Califa Calloway, #nzoCALIFAncestry. Sunday, November 26, 2017 
#nzoCALIFAncestry -- On a rainy Sunday, November 26, 2017, one enters the double doors of the Community Room of the Oakland Main Public Library, [OPL]  interested to research their Family History, open for messages and possibilities.  By the day's end [literally] the room had indeed been imbued by an early evening of compelling Family stories shared, stories passed down and some in fragments; one attendee brings 2 stacks of Family data research, another brings a table long chart of her Family Tree - this session is primed. #RiteOn

We began this day getting right to work to chart our Family tree on a template provided, instrumental to guide the attendees' next steps in their research.  The room was prayed up and prepared to receive 16 faithful and determined Family members who openly gave voice to their Ancestors' by calling out their names, as those in the room who shared a common surname echoed back in response:

     Akridge, Amey, Barnes, Barnum, Blackman, Brady, Brooks, Butler, Callahan, Calloway, Chancey, Chenoweth, Coleman, Cook, Cornell, Donaldson,  Dozier, Dunn, Garcias, Gayle, George, Hairston, Hall, Harding, Hemphill, Homer, Hunter, Lewis, Livingston, Lowery,  Lynn, McClennon, Moore, Mosely, Motley, Nash, Olivo, Orias, Ortiz, Pacheco, Pittman, Robinson, Stamps, Tan, Thomas, Turner, Van Hook, Walston, Waters, White, Wright...

We also cite the places our Ancestors traveled and sojourned; including those who were shipped and or sold away, migrated through many regions, across waters, trails, and areas such as:

Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Texarkansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia,  Chile, China, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Liberia, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Scotland, and California.

     As our aural senses were briefly disturbed by outside bellows of anger and resentment being ushered out of the Library's temporary cove, we braced ourselves and re-centered with deeper focus. [Bless 'em]  Each member was steadfast to share their story, even with gentle time warnings. [I, feeling like biting my nails, carefully glancing at the time] I stay mindful recognizing that the room had become safe space.  For some, it was their first time and their hearts desire to find a Father or learn more about that unknown great from the South, while others wanted to expand a Family line -- all knowing that everyone in the room is genuinely listening with shared intentions in kinship; As a Genealogist / Teaching Artist 
I was elated, and as a conductor, I respectfully surrendered to the process.

My keychain arsenal holds over 23 library cards from throughout the country, I love libraries!    It was a distinct pleasure to introduce the OPL's Genealogy and Historical Records online to aid in their Family History research. With some surprised and others eager to dive in, the time had prospered forward to put research into motion, and so we began with the's Library EditionEach attendee started with "that Ancestor"  and was guided through each search prompt, aided by a few additional tips to advance the search in cases of the unknown:
  • Add Mother and Father or sibling
  • List the State and Country if you don't know City
  • Estimate birth and death year
  • List known resident locations
  • Clarify "Race/Nationality" prompt []
Click the link to see the list of online resources at Oakland Public Library

The minute each attendee, pushed Ancestry's "search button" a quiet stir hit the room;  heads were hunched down tenaciously gleaning U.S. Census records to locate "that Ancestor". According to the nation's "oldest record keeper" the National Archives and Records Administration [NARA]
"Census records can provide the building blocks of your research, allowing you to both confirm information, and to learn more." ~ NARA 
When "Walston cousins meet.
Thank you,  Deborah Bryson
I'll add that Census takers are human too *wink*.   
In the next moment, an unknown Father's information was located;  Hmmm looks like there's more than one Family member with the same name, how could this be true? Another's Family line extends a generation, while further research by a 1st session attendee, leads to documents from the Philippines corroborating her "Tan" connection.

[now we're over time]  A school bell rings in my head, reminding me of my Mama Georgia's saying "Play time is ovah, time to come on in".  As a Professional Dance Teacher, I now urgently give cues to relentless minds now locked in on finding out more and announce to make preparations to gather in a circle.  The room was now filled, and so was every attendee filled with discoveries made possible by their Ancestor's presence.  I'm deeply humbled, I am too filled, yet remain reticent to skillfully guide us into the 'round -- hands clasped, hearts full, Ori-centered to release, give thanks, align and "Give Praise to Life".  *breath*

Egun Ire'o, Egun Iba'se 
R. Califa Calloway, #nzoCALIFAncestry


She Ready!!!
Follow my latest campaign and Sophomoric journey to the Genealogy MegaConference #Regina2RootsTech2018  Salt Lake City Utah;  I cultivate Genealogy, Family History, Ancestral kinship sessions and taking names to advance my expertise and training in Genealogical methods, research strategies, and Technology.

#nzoCALIFAncestry services welcome Cultural Presentations, Conference and Panel invite, enthusiastic about Intentional Retreats & Inner-Circle gatherings that facilitate Communal & Ancestral Healing works and dedicated to restoring Family Charters; I partner in Personal Development and Transformation initiatives as Family Reunions and Family gatherings are a fave.  

Contact me today, and let's envision.
R. Califa Calloway
  • #nzoCALIFAncestry Genealogy Kinship sessions appeared in concert with the Malonga Center Community Ancestral Installation at the Oakland Public Main Library, Nov. 2, 2017 - Dec. 1, 2017 | Curator/Lead Artist: Regina "Califa" Calloway
  • Made possible through shared partnering:  Nzo Califa Dance Works, Kongo SQ West Kinship Society, Oakland Public Main Library & DelinaDream Productions.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

nzoCALIFAncestry comes to Oakland Public Library to kinship

Nov. 5, 2017 "Do the Work" Attendees research their
Family History - OPL-MAIN, Community Room
@nzoCALIFA - "Give Praise to Life" I conducted my first #Genealogy kinship class at the Oakland Public MAIN Library, Sunday, November 5th 2017. [Thank you Daddy"Stuff"] And although this Free session was scheduled from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, do you REALLY think folks left once the Ancestral whispers turned up?! Nope! In full volume attendees gave voice to their Ancestories giving way to their honored presence,  Egun iba'se.   We began the session taking a look at the path of a butterfly and it's symbolic meaning of transformation, representing a Soul's journey through life and death. Inspired by a recent Communal healing initiative at West Oakland's Life is Living Festival  powered by Youth Speaks,  I served as Lead Artist and Curator for the Malonga Center Community Ancestral Altar Installation Teamed with a devoted crew, this vision was Co-commissioned by Adande M'baye and Delina Brooks co-creators of the Africa Is Oakland - Dance Zone, devoted students of the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts and Alumni of Fua Dia Congo Performing Company.

We were privileged to install around a majestic tree that had a commanding presence at the crack of dawn on Saturday, October 28, 2017.  West Oakland's historic Defremery Park aka Lil Bobby Hutton Park became a creatively potent sacred portal that housed the first installation of its kind, beginning with Ancestral prayers, songs for Egun and rites conducted by Oakland's Omnira Institute. Staunchly attended, the altar installation was made accessible to the public from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm for Communal engagement, offerings, sharing of stories and tears, with so much history exchange worthy of libraries of preservation.

These works extend itself to a "Library Edition" that is now installed at the Oakland Public Main Library for the Month of November, with on-site teaching lessons and two free Genealogy workshops for the public, #RiteOn. So to advance this first Genealogy/kinship session, we began speaking about Ancestors as more than a notion, but more about them being a working body of Spirit living through us, more notably our Familial Ancestors: the ones you know, those who may or may not know you, or blood relations who claim you even upon ascension into the Ancestral realm. Continuing to draw from African Spiritual traditions of Yoruba/Ifa/Lucumi, libations were poured for our Ancestors, and in call and response fashion we all named our own, as devotees proclaimed  iba'se - giving praise to our Ancestor's lives with ase'.

Delina Patice Brooks, Regina "Califa" Calloway [Genealogist] Janeen Johnson
all Fua Dia Congo Performing Company Alumni. Oakland, CA
This special group of folks was a good catch from my #Genealogy net. And what did we end up having in common? A "Malonga story" and Ancestors of course. My cohort Janeen Johnson came prepared with laptop prepped, Family Tree booted and Family History chart primed -- just READY. Delina Brooks was already excited about furthering her sojourn to unearth her Family History; she is a gifted Writer, Performance Artist, Storyteller and Producer and I imagine that her next Artistic episode most definitely will be Ancestor-imbued. Delina fills the room with laughter reminding  Sister Janeen of being a witness to her first Malonga encounter at San Francisco State as Janeen was Ta Malonga's student assistant, back in the 90's. Today we are ALL, proud and dedicated Alumni of Fua Dia Congo Performing Company together spanning nearly 30 years.

In a united mission, we continue to share vision through the Malonga Center Community Ancestral Installation initiative by ushering healing through remembrance of our beloved transitioned, while preserving their stories.  Interesting enough, this session was filled with #Dance agents and agencies; As I believe that Dancers and Drummers are perfect subjects as mediums for movement, they are all important mediumship service agents in transcending Ancestral healing within their own Family and the Community as well.

And my, time did fly while researching our Ancestors and the day's mission was fulfilled as attendees:
  • Cited Ancestor surnames and areas where they are from
  • Begin charting their Family tree *templates provided*
  • Researched on OPL's Library edition, FREE for public service.
  • Located an Ancestor on the United States Census Records
     We closed in the round and said "farewell" to our dead, shut down the Library and kept it all the way LIVE taking our conversation to the proverbial street meeting place for Black folks, on the corner.  Hugged and lifted, I smiled knowing to be true, that I love my people and I thrive on elevating African-Ancestored Histories that empower our narratives. Yet, living out my grandfather's guidance and vision only filled me more, as I continue to #dancemydestiny higher,
Matondo Nzambi...and Thank you Janeen for bringing your tasty cornbread. #nzoCALIFAncestry

 Next Genealogy kinship workshop with R. Califa Calloway, nzoCALIFAncestry 
Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017, 3:00P - 4:30P Oakland Public Main Library Community Room -                                        be prepared to bring
  • Names of your Ancestors as best you can
  • Pen/Paper - for note taking
  • A Laptop if you have one
  • Come open, mindful and of good Spirit

*Fua Dia Congo (Our Congolese heritage) is a professional repertory company founded by world-renowned Congolese Master Artist, the late Malonga Casquelourd in 1977 to preserve, promote, and present traditional Central African culture. Today it extends itself to signature programming and curatorial projects that advance study, training and appreciation for Congolese Dance and Drum traditions in the Bay area and beyond. Built in 1927, the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts is the only performing-arts complex of its kind in the City of Oakland and the first City Municipality to be named after an African person in the country.  Formerly known as the Alice Arts Center, Community Arts Leaders, Activists and Family rallied to change the building's name in 2004, paying homage to its Cultural Arts Pioneer and Arts Advocate Ta Malonga; It remains a treasured portal for Theatre, Arts forums, Performance, Special Events, holding some of the longest running program of classes on the West Coast and housing legacy Arts organizations with over 40 years in Arts excellence and service. ~@nzoCALIFA

Monday, November 13, 2017

nzoCALIFA: When the Ancestors Dance, WE prosper!

@nzoCALIFA - Fully engaged in multi-dimensional works of #Dance service and movement initiatives serving to elevate Spirit that facilitates Communal and Ancestral Healing. Current works have been an intersection of bringing forward Genealogical field research modalities to Bay Area events and gatherings that allow interactive dialogue about honoring our Ancestors. Speaking of our Ancestors not as an ambiguous term, but from a place of knowing -- and KNOWING more than just their name, but learning about their story. #nzoCALIFAncestry is a culmination of a Dancer's sojourn with a deep Ancestral pact, yet recognizing the many members of "tribe" with special focus upon the Bay Area African Dance and Drum Community, who in shared kinship Love, cultivate, trained, and have built with a united interest to prosper our Community. 
     We do this from a place of memory, and manifestation; in alignment with the Harvest Season, we invoke rites and rituals that'd be pleasing to our very own sitting on their respective Ancestral thrones.  And we honor our very lives, vital to one another, in Commune + Unity, while we "do "this Dance thing." #danceyourdestiny

Installation: November 2 - December 1, 2017, Oakland, CA | 125 14th Street, Oakland, CA
Next Genealogy kinship workshop: FREE SUN. Nov. 26, 2017 - 3:00P-4:30P  
Oakland Public Library MAIN - Community Room
Invaluable partnering of this year's Ancestral Harvest offerings to elevate our Communal Ancestors
of the Malonga Center legacy from Everybody's Creative Arts Center - an ongoing mission
Curator: R. Califa Calloway, Nzo Califa Dance Works / Kongo SQ West Kinship Society
with special thanks to Oakland Public Library - MAIN, and Delina Dream Productions

Ultimate Clean Sweep, MJ's Brass Boppers New Orleans style "Secondline" 
lifting spirits in Oakland's 17th street district ushered by Orisa Urban World Festival in front of "Regina's Door", a powerfully sacred cove of activism.  video: @nzoCALIFA

Thursday, November 2, 2017

nzoCALIFA: Communal Healing in REmix via @DelinaDream lens

#Dance kinship and Africa In Oakland - Dance Zone Co-creator, Delina Patrice Brooks shares in her own wRITE and rites,  her vividly depicted sojourn about the Malonga Center Community Altar Installation at the 10th Life Is Living Festival held annually at Lil Bobby Hutton Park - Defremery ParkWest Oakland, Saturday, October 28, 2017. #LIL10 #danceyourdestiny

Breathe it in...
a'dupe Delina

~R. Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works

*re-posted courtesy of Delina Patrice Brooks
of DelinaDream Productions.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

nzoCALIFA- Fall2017 Ancestral Harvest Installation

Honoring the legacy of Malonga Center Community, from the days of Everybody's Creative Arts Center transcending to Citicentre Dance as an anchor tenant in the Alice Arts Center to what we celebrate today at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts. Take a moment to pay homage, Dance all day Free at #LIL10 and visit the Oakland Main in November.  
If you have ever danced, drummed, have seen a show, attended an event, volunteered or simply hung out, there's more to the Malonga Center than the building,  it's a vibrant society of peoples, housing some of the Bay Area's most historical African performance companies, Arts organizations, demonstrating landmark activism, birthed from its celebrated history of being one of the oldest multi-cultural Arts organizations in the Bay Area,  to the only cultural destination place of its kind today.   
     Our vitality hinges upon the continuance of maintaining a quality of life afforded to us by those before us, while honoring the fruits of our labor today.  We do this together in commemoration to honor our Communal Ancestors; We invite you to this altar:  to offer up a prayer, owo [money], creative gifts, presentation and advise forward that in this effort to be mindful, intentional and of good Spirit. ~Matondo [thank you] #HonorBreath

     This year's installation was made possible through the gracious gifts of time, wisdom and donations of good folks of the Malonga Center Community with a dedication, commitment to continuing these works.  I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude for the Guardianship of our Elder Ifa/Orisha Community for their willingness, steadfastness, and dedication for preserving Ancestral traditions in the Oakland Bay Area Community.  Ultimately my Family and Communal kinship demonstrating next level commitment 
" any divine mean necessary." I thank you from the depths of my Soul.   ├ás̩e̩'o  
~ R. Califa Calloway, Nzo Califa Dance Works

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sweet Benevolence - Oakland Secondline Ancestral Celebration

@nzoCALIFA--Oakland, CA 
"We need to come together to honor our Ancestors of this Community, it's been too long." [an inspirational conversation with Baba Tacuma King, Sept. 2017]

     As Commune+Unity, it becomes imperative for us to engage and carry out Ancestral atonement rituals and rites that continue to prosper the Community.
It was also the answer to usher relief within my own family as we are grieving the loss of our phenomenal Spiritual Matriarch, Educator and Healer
My Auntie Selyah aka "Bebe" [turquoise] and more , as family members from Stockton to Berkeley and Oakland, came to represent our legacy best, and in the streets no less. 

Oakland, CA: My Family showed up 16 deep for this day, representing 4 generations, Spiritual ties, and newly discovered DNA relations; Processions, parades, marching in the streets is our legacy hailing from African Ancestored rooted traditions.  Together we came to lift our beloved transitioned and give praise to life: Auntie Selyah G. Waters, Cousin Yolanda Morton, Cousin Gyasi Ramos, Calloways, Hunters, Lowery's with our Ancestral Gatekeeper at the helm my maternal grandfather - Claude Waters, Jr, iba'e, iba'e tonnu.  *A special thank you to Baba Tacuma King, Brother Harold "Homeboy" Wilson and The Benevolent Oakland Community Society. @nzoCALIFA 

video clip: courtesy of @nzoCALIFA
Brass band: Led by Harold "Homeboy" Wilson
Twilight Brass Band & Community with
Big Chief Ray "Hatchet" Blazio, Wild Apache
Mardi Gras Indian Nation of New Orleans

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

WAH! Africa In Oakland - Congolese Dance and legacy

     Fua Dia Congo Dance Alum '96 Janeen Johnson, also a founding member of
Kongo SQ West Kinship Society
offers her creative prowess to the Malonga Center Community Ancestral Altar this season adorning Ancestral bottles - in continued commitment to these works, see the 1st installment at Life is Living Festival, Sat. October 28, 2017 - Africa In Oakland Dance Ceremony begins at 10:00A - Come and pay homage, make an offering, Commune in Unity through the Dance. And indeed YES, Old School rules, WAH!
Learn more at our link Fall 2017 Ancestral Harvest Installation ~ @nzoCALIFA

Friday, August 11, 2017

Our beloved transitioned: Ivey and Nebt'kata

august2017: Bay Area, California: St. Louis and Chicago

Nzo Califa Dance Works, pays homage to the lives of our beloved Arts Community Elders recently transitioned within the past week. We extend our deepest condolences to their respective Family members 
and Communal kinship and continue to honor them in sweet vigil. 
~Respectfully, R. Califa @nzoCALIFA 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

nzoCALIFA: Bon Ache' RTL Vodou Voyage: Destination CUBA!

R. Califa in kinship Cultural Exchange  Tour to Haiti with 
Rara Tou Limen 2014; Le Peristyle Mariani, Ati Max, 
Manbo Rachel, w/ Kongo Ambassadorship Mama Alphocine 
& #CSQwest comrade Bro. Massengo of Malaki Ma Kongo

nzooCALIFA -- Hailing from a blazed #Dance trek, her #Dancestory is truly emblazoned by that of Ancestral commission, married to the service of the Haitian Lwa known as "Ashade Bon Manbo". From Beaumont, Texas to the Bay Area for over 20 years Portsha Terae Jefferson also revered as, "Ashade Bon Manbo" has cultivated a trajectory of #Dance excellence, dynamic performance and a cultural legacy of training, education and cultural exchange. Often nurtured by Bay Area Dance luminaries Lynn Coles and Blanche Brown to name a few, to Haitian Dance Masters such as Pioneer Vivianne Gauthier [iba'e] with consistent training at Ecole Nationale de Artes [ENARTS], transcended through the establishment of Rara Tou Limen Haitian Performing Company in 2004, #Oakland, California.

Ms Jefferson's visionary Artistic leadership and RTL Company's unforgettable presentations have garnered her the attention as respected colleague and emerging cultural gatekeeper, forging new trailways through ancient traditions -- staying truth to the sojourn carving pathways for many to flourish crossing boundaries and dimensions in the #Dance. 

In grand salute Queen, Sistar & Nayson Rara Tou Limen. Ayibobooo!  
R. Califa, Nzo Califa, Dance Works 

featured below is Portsha's reflections of their 
upcoming Voyage:
Visionary Artistic leader Portsha Jefferson & Rara Tou Limen toured to Haiti 2014, with cultural
exchange initiatives to Canada 2016, embarking upon RTL Vodou Voyage 2017: Destination Cuba
source: July 31, 2017 Facebook post 
Flashback: "Our artistic offering and choreo-prayer, Limye pou Ayiti will soon hit the stage in Port-au-Prince! I keep asking myself "Is this REALLY happening?!" In this moment, it all seems so surreal. This cultural exchange tour to Haiti is GRAND. I know. I think big. I dream big. I choreograph big (ask any company member!) Why? Because I manifest GREATNESS!"  
    "Minokan" was RTL's promo photo for our Haiti tour, August 2014... 3 years later, personnel changes, energy shifts, out of state/country moves, babies born, growth, lessons, development...3 years later, August 2017, we are embarking on a new journey, new country, new developments, new ENERGY to help shape, enrich and INSPIRE us individually and collectively. Countdown: We leave for Cuba in 5 days! Thank you all for your love, support, prayers, and generous donations thus far. Onward and upward! AYIBOBO!!!" 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

nzoCALIFA: SERVED on the Dance Floor, Old Skool Rules!

#nzoCALIFA -- Family, Fraternal and Club Reunions; Dancing in clan, Men Dancing 'hood tight to Samba de rodas and Ole skool crowd pleasers. You know it's #Townbizness when Event Party Empresario and #Oaklandnative Terrance "T-CAL" Calloway invites one and all to his Crown Day celebration, held on July 22nd, featuring Turntable Queen #PamTheFunktress aka "Purple Pam" on the wheels of steel and Sway Calloway of SwaysUniverse on the mic - But SEE who truly SERVED on the #Dance Floor at Eve's Waterfront?! (formerly the Rusty Scuppers) // ~R. Califa

T. Calloway's  B-day Celebration in "Peace, Love & Town Bizness"
Oakland, CA  *destination: Eve's Waterfront
[may require video loading process, click "full view" to adjust volume]

vid credit: Shaunte M. Jackson of, *muita obrigada 

SJSU Spartan Football Coach and Celebrated Former Dancer for MC Hammer, Alonzo Carter on high beam, as Blue-Phi/Soul Train Alumnus Jeffrey McCrimon slides to the side; Samba Funk's King Theo priming the floor and closing out the jump off, yours truly R. Califa @nzoCALIFA  join in a Frat/Soror STOMP in shared #Dance kinship, uplifting the theme for the eve in "Peace, Love & TownBizness." #RiteOn #PeaceLoveTownbizness #OldSkoolRules #Danceyourdestiny

Turntable Queen "Pam The Funktress"  lit up the celebrations while spinning Fam' vibrations
Calloways, Ramos, Baffour-Gyan, Mc Crimon #RiteOn #FamilyFirst
foto cr: Flo' Wiley, Black Beat Bay Area

Check out T-CAL on instagram @tcalloway_

Cupcakes baked especially by  
Shirt created by Aswad Inc Custom T-shirts @aswadinc on Instagram
@nzoCALIFA works in motion, please visit us above. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

nzoCALIFA: 100 Black Women in White - Divine indeed!

@nzoCALIFA -- This Divine revolution will  not be blogged, for you had to be there and need to go see it! Posted below is a very minute glimpse into a multi-dynamic Artistic spectrum -- an Artist movement invoking a powerful CALL known as The Black Woman is God exhibition created by over 100 Artists, envisioned by co-curators Karen Seneferu and Melorra Green held in its second year,  @somarts Gallery San Francisco, CA
July 20, 2017 - August 26, 2017 and this year's theme, "The Divine Revolution".   
                                    [l to r] Maya Moseley-Katakanga, Sister Linda Johnson, R. Califa & Trina Fields

As I love Street Processions, Ritual Theatre or the Ceremonial steeped in African Spiritual traditions, This year, I checked in with one of the procession leader to volunteer as a procession attendant, "crewed up" with a couple of friends. Answering @tbwig call, West African Dance Pioneer, Sister Linda Faye Johnson, serving as an Artistic anchor for the 100 Black Women in White [#100BWW] procession, joined in kinship with colleagues Anita Brooks, Vocal Teacher & Musician & Betty Ladzekpo, Master Teacher & Company Director along with alumnus of West African Music and Dance Ensemble.
     Community participants of this wing were marinated in the Artistic wisdom of Dance, Voice, and Music taught by celebrated Bay Area Master Artists; And all wings of #100BWW adjoined in The Divine Revolution in procession opening the way for the Exhibition's reception:

“paying tribute to Black people who have worked tirelessly to heal the 
community through art, culture, and spirituality.” @tbwig

@tbwig "100 Black Women in White" Procession stewards look on with reverence as the      "Black Lives Matter" Masquerade dances up vitality and invoking continued ease to the Mothers of those slain unjustly - Global Street Dance Masquerade is ushered through Rashad Pridgen, Artistic Director. ~ @nzoCALIFA  

A powerful #Dance Transformation Agent, as #Dance Pioneer, Sister Linda Johnson
invokes the movement of 100 Black Women in White to Dance in jubilation, "LAMBA".
Master Drummers: Baba Tumani Onabiyi on Djembe, Samba Guisse, Tama player & Monica Hastings Smith, Djun & Masquerade.

They Greeted Me First...
@nzoCALIFA - A petit curtsy to Ayana Ivery's "Holy Trinity" (2017) One of the many Art shrines
you'll feelcompelled to salute at The Black Woman is God Exhibition,
Somarts Gallery, SF, CA July 20th- Aug. 26th 2017| FREE

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

nzoCALIFA: #Dance Mediumship on the airwaves

#danceyourdestiny: I share with my Students often, the mediumship of service through #Dance - I utilize my Dance like a  travel Visa often answering the call to inform agencies, communities and global audiences of the powerFULL transcendental effects of DANCE. Dance mediumships serve to advance Community Empowerment, promote Cultural legacy and uplift the personal development of fellow Artist agencies. 
     Brought to you from our archives and still living, listen in as SiriusXM Shade 45         "Sway in the Morning" broadcasts live in our home turf #Oakland, California as my kinship shares #Shine and his personal #Dance testimony; And together we're giving #Oakland LIFE through the DANCE! #RiteOn 

~R. Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works        

#stepUPyourservicetodance #danceyourdestiny

*clip courtesy of @SwaysUniverse on youtube

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May in the Bay - Carnaval Season!

      Carnaval Season in the month of May only in the BAY, held in the historic Mission district of San Francisco, Ca with live broadcasts on KPIX Channel 5 and a post special on KBCW Channel 44 {see flier for broadcast schedule below} Oakland comes through with Family style Festivals with Oakland Carnival [Sat-June 3rd] and the Ressaca do Carnaval [Sun.-June 4th] the After Party NOT to be missed presented by Tambores de Julio Remelexo with Brazilian Food, featuring Pagode, Abadas from Bahia and a LIVE! video shoot. 
Carnaval Spirit starts from within and transcends. @nzoCALIFA we send a grand salute to our tradition bearers, the folks behind the scenes and YOU! #BomCarnaval
~R. Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works
Bay Area Carnavalesca kinship representing Bay Area Carnaval legacy spanning over 3 decades.
Bom Axe'  to our neophyte passistas Lupe Tovar, Lucia Arrizon and Nyala Wright.

Plenty of Samba best, as Dancers compete to become Queen of  Passistas Ginga Brazil 2017
for more info:
Carnaval San Francisco online and LIVE KPIX 5
click flier for details.


SAT. June 3rd Oakland's Carnival at the historic Mosswood Park in its 4th year.

Can't get enough of Carnaval Celebration, catch the ultimate After Party Sun. June 4th with
Tambores Julio Remelexo and their Ressaca do Carnaval Party in Oakland. GET THAT ABADA!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pioneer, Pillar & Post: Baba Chuck Davis Iba'e March 14, 2017

Dr. Charles R. Davis 
aka "Baba Chuck"
[January 1, 1937 - May 14, 2017]
One of the World's foremost Educators, Teachers and Ambassadorship humanizing the African Dance & Drum 
Cultural traditions, while advancing the intelligentsia of its Art, Craft, while cultivating generations of legacy 
building. We salute you and yours Baba in love, light and sweet Ancestral ascension. 
~ R. Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works   @nzoCALIFA 

A special note of love, grand support and sweet ease to our kinship at the 

African Dance and Drum Ensemble, his Family along with Arts and Drum kinship 
and Global Communities of Baba Chuck Davis.
       If you've ever been privy to be in the presence of Baba Chuck Davis, then you know that you were before an ominpotent earthly force imbued and guided fiercely by the Ancestors. His trajectory of anthropological Dance research and works, assuredly has generated volumes of Dance repositories transcending the pioneering works of our luminiaries Primus and Dunham, yet forging new trails bridging contemporary, traditional, while cultivating new #Dance dialogues, forums and perspectives, throughout the world.

*Baba Chuck Davis, 1977
Photo courtesy of BAMblog
To take a class with him was the Bantaba, to listen to him lecture was prose and song tied into endless gem notes--wisdom you never want to forget. His leadership and Artistic vision shepherded #Dance nzo Chuck Davis Dance Company in New York in 1968 taking the Company to perform in FESTAC - Nigeria in 1977.  The preeminent African Dance and Drum Festival Dance Africa was conceived through his visionary Artistic Leadership founded in 1977 first presenting at Brooklyn Academy of Music's Lepercq Space.* Today #DanceAfrica celebrates 40 years where over 80 Dance Troupes from 15 nations have performed with extended productions now presenting in Washington, DC; Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Denver Colorado, Columbus Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA.**
       Formed in 1983, African American Dance Ensemble of Durham, North Carolina, remains a thriving institution and living repository of Dr. Davis' legacy and mission for over 30 years, touching the world over teaching, performing and building on 5 continents. Dr. Davis has served as Elder Advisor to leading African Dance and Drum organizations throughout the country, and as Professor at North Carolina Central University and Duke University respectively.

And I know like everyone else who shares in this Dance and Drum kinship of magnificent legacy, that this year's call to the Drum shall have us all dancing with hearts full, filled with grand Spirit and inspiration paying homage to our Ancestral Guardian Gran, Baba Chuck Davis, eeeeyo!
*love, light and sweet Ancestral ascension Baba*

Regina "Califa" Calloway, Creative Director
Nzo Califa Dance Works - Oakland, California
@nzoCALIFA | @nzocalifa

DANCEAfrica Highlights - Brooklyn 2017
  • May 20th 10am Weeksville Heritage Center (1698 Bergen St, Brooklyn) A Tribute to the Ancestors; 1pm DanceAfrica Community Day at Restoration Plaza [1368 Fulton St, Brooklyn] at  to kick off the Annual Festival. 
  • The Memorial Day weekend celebration African Marketplace and Bazaar [Brooklyn]
  • May 26-29:  DanceAfrica 2017 The Healing Light of Rhythm: Tradition and Beyond 
Artistic Director Abdel R. Salaam & Artistic Director Emeritus Baba Chuck Davis [iba'e]
*Wula Drum and Dance Ensemble 
*Asase Yaa Forces of Nature Illstyle and Peace Productions 
*BAM/Restoration Dance Youth Ensemble 
*Lighting design by Al Crawford; Sound design by David Margolin Lawson 

BAM Howard Gilman Opera House (30 Lafayette Ave) 
May 26 at 7:30pm; May 27 at 2pm & 7pm
May 28 & 29 at 3pm 
Tickets start at $25 (half-price for ages 16 & under)

If you have a message or words of encouragement, please do so by using the following 
number 919-672-1058. You may leave a message to include your name and number if you so desire. Information will be shared as soon as possible. Peace! Love! Respect! For Everybody
If you would like more information, please contact: 
Dr. B. Angeloe Burch Sr. at 919-672-1058 
or email at
Friday, June 2, 1pm - 7pm
Fisher Memorial UHC - 420 E Piedmont Ave, Durham, NC 27707 
The body will lay in state and a time of Community Tributes will begin at 5:00 p.m.
Funeral Services:
Saturday, June 3, 11:00 a.m.
Union Baptist Church - 904 N Roxboro St, Durham, NC 27701
for further information: Dr. B. Angeloe Burch Sr. - 919-672-1058

news media homage of Baba Chuck Davis [iba'e]
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** BAM 150 years [blogspot]
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Media -nzo.archive: Fua Dia Congo 2009

R. Califa Diaspora Dance Specialist
Alumnus of Fua Dia Congo/Diata Diata
Met the inimitable "Congo Man" onstage at a Berkeley Highschool Performance in tribute to Ta Malonga back in 1982. On cue, he jumped in and challenged our "Bakongo" and as my Senior classmates quickly exited stage right, I was left to fend for my neophyte-self, an initiation so-to-speak. Post College, I immediately inducted myself into the membership of this iconic Cultural force and not only gained an immeasurable training and educational experience of  Dance, Drum and Culture, also learning these important keys as an Artist: "Arts excellence and Business administration" Malonga's torch of indomitable Spirit continues to blaze cultural pathways that'd create Nzo Califa Dance Works and elevate "My Kongo". ~ @nzoCALIFA

FUA DIA CONGO [FUA] was founded by World-renown Master Artist and Cultural Ambassador Ta Malonga Casquelourd of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo in kinship with respected Community leaders and scholars of East Palo Alto along with his Congolese cohorts Ma Boukaka and Paul N'Goumba [all give praise to life].  His visionary leadership carried many important veins that bred life into notable Institutions for erecting arts preservation and academic excellence like, San Francisco State University's Ethnic Dance Department, San Francisco City Celebrations, Mandeleo Institute and Everybody's Creative Arts Center.  Established in 1977, FUA is a non-profit Teaching and Performing Arts Institution; It's Company repertoire reflects religious, social and military traditions of the Kongo Kingdom, the Company's legacy extends itself to a global Student constituency, epic Company Repertoire productions, celebrated Dance and Drum Camps from California to Maui, Hawaii and signature Dance and Drum Class programming at the historic Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, Oakland, CA.


Presentation at the Midpen Media Center Studio Series, January 2009

Fua Dia Congo
Congolese Dance Ensemble
"Our Congolese Heritage" 

Artistic Director: Muisi-Kongo Malonga Musical Director: Kiazi T. Malonga
Guest Master Artist: Sandor Diabankouezi  Producers: Karen Adams, Muisi-Kongo Malonga
  • Kimvuka - A Village gathering
  • Mayaka - Company
  • Ganza - Company
  • Bisiki Bia Ngoma - Drum Core
  • Dance Moumbolo - Company 
  • Essombi - Balet Kizingu Youth Ensemble 
  • Kingoli - Company
*program credits drawn from the video program