Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#Dance-DRUM activism in motion! #SoulofOakland

[photo below] June 2003 Indybay news reports "..latest target of Mayor Jerry Brown's gentrification efforts is the Alice Arts Center. Brown plans to displace the 50 residents and the 22 arts ..." 
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

nzoCALIFA: Teaching Tuesday - "Gele"

“Gele” pronounced gaye lay, is an African head wrap/head-tie that has its roots in the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, West Africa. ~dupsies.com

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ancestral reflections: The rite walk...nzoCALIFA

Ago Ire'o Monday, as the rooster crows it knows well its role in the animal kingdom, and its Àṣẹ is often the Ebó that may fuel our mighty warriors who stand as sacred guardians at the crossroads,  guiding our respective pathways, in our own walk.  The beauty of this is, once you connect with nature there exists an open channel of communication to petition for what you need and the Universe will provide. Yet, there is a hierarchical element for which you carry forward this process as we are all on that walk to learn "these ways" or "what works best" in our walk. For some of us, it is "the walk" that binds us to a deeper pact with our Ancestors.  And for me, some days this statement is ever more truer than others.                                    
This time of year of the Odunde [Harvest Season] of Ancestral rites and traditions is very potent with an expressed call to action from our inner sanctum to the divine forces of nature.  As a lot of my folks might say "It's a LOT goin' on", so cleaning and cleansing rites are in order.  There's the physical cleaning, and then there is more importantly one's Spiritual hygiene.  For these matters, no agency would ever be more divinely proficient than that of my Ancestors, I know for certain that they help me to hold such a countenance of peace and alignment within.  
"Somebody has to be a demonstration to us that, who you are just as you are, no matter where you are is okay, and that you can take those pieces of where you are right now and have peace with them.  Somebody has to be a demonstration that we're not put here to suffer..." ~Iyanla Vanzant,  APR2015-Oakland  
Egun Altar by EMESÈMessengers of the African Diaspora - Oakland, CA

I work to claim the trials of my busiest days as triumphs and treat myself to precious moments of solitude near water, when possible. Water quiets the mind's chatter, cleanses the residual of the day and depending upon how deep your moment, can clear another area of your heart's chambers. At times, challenges may arise from adversarial comments or expectations from loved ones as to how you move in your walk, or how you conduct your life, leaving no room for human error. [self-check] 
"Juneteenth" Egun shrine by 
Awon Ohun Omnira, Oakland, CA

"You have the right to the take the path and the calling that's on your heart." ~Iyanla Vanzant    

      Some of the negative circumstances we suffer through are an opportunity to be your own best healer. As you are not alone, be prayerful to awaken your senses to attract positive resources of support and advocacy.  Make certain you check your heart and weigh how much of a role your behavior might play in any issues bringing on the extra weight -- Can you lighten the load? Is the drama scripted by you or someone else?  Is forgiveness an issue? Keep in mind to be present, and just breathe.  Guided sources of positive reinforcements can also bring relief, perhaps through a living example of a revered Family Elder, Community Healers, Self-development Workshops / Retreats, and or trusted Spiritual facilitator. Often in my walk along a guided path,  there are signs I blatantly see from the plant and animal kingdom or I'll get a warm feeling from a deep and genuine conversation around topics that speak to my testimony.

Nature makes me smile often responding quickly, re-routing my steps to witness a spiritual benchmark or experience an unexpected joy in the day like a #secondline parade. Yet, participating in my life's passion brings me unspeakable joy, one that I care to live and know EVERYDAY. [sigh] God is Good! When life delivers such gifts of fulfillment, I am fueled with a high threshold of gratitude and don't hesitate to amplify it with high praise giving thanks to Olodumare and my Ancestors. 

What I know is, that when I am engaged in doing what I love, and working with loving people of extraordinary vision it sheds light upon my walk. Folks with strong vessels of capacity, who forgive, pray and love together honoring those whose we belong to, sweetly delivers blessed assurance. 

And so,  I remain on the rite path and will just keep on walking -- might even break into a sprint, like a gold medalist running right alongside the Gazelles, in FULL FORCE.  #RiteOn   

Regina Califa | @nzoCALIFA
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this divine sisterhood that inspires my WALK with their song

Mary Mary - WALKING

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