Wednesday, June 14, 2017

nzoCALIFA: #Dance Mediumship on the airwaves

#danceyourdestiny: I share with my Students often, the mediumship of service through #Dance - I utilize my Dance like a  travel Visa often answering the call to inform agencies, communities and global audiences of the powerFULL transcendental effects of DANCE. Dance mediumships serve to advance Community Empowerment, promote Cultural legacy and uplift the personal development of fellow Artist agencies. 
     Brought to you from our archives and still living, listen in as SiriusXM Shade 45         "Sway in the Morning" broadcasts live in our home turf #Oakland, California as my kinship shares #Shine and his personal #Dance testimony; And together we're giving #Oakland LIFE through the DANCE! #RiteOn 

~R. Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works        

#stepUPyourservicetodance #danceyourdestiny

*clip courtesy of @SwaysUniverse on youtube