A Dancer's trek, guided upon an Ancestral Sojourn, utilizing Genealogy as her tool to invoke Ancestral healing, restore Family Charters, strengthen
Communal kinship and taking names! ~nzoCALIFAncestry
             Attended the Motherlode of Genealogy/Technological Conferences in the Country!
As Creative Director of a Dance mediumship Agency and Professional Teaching Artist, I step UP
my service to the Dance, amplifying the Ancestral wisdom of Dance mediums invoking their story,
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A Special note of gratitude to my donors and the Success of this campaign
"Regina to ROOTStech 2017" in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Regina Califa Calloway offers services as Co-facilitator/ Workshop leader / Professional Teaching Artist for Conferences, Retreats and Communal rites. She shares tools and wisdom that invokes an Ancestral Healing component drawing upon its vital role of personal identity and spiritual empowerment, with a guided force to rebuild Family. Let's kinship - e: nzocalifa360@gmail.com 

#nzoCALIFAncestry in motion - Guided / African-Ancestored Genealogy


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Where Beginners Learn to tell their story
African Ancestored Genealogy Database / Surnames / Info Resource
Get your Genealogy Research in order: Cases, Methods & Strategies
Largest Family History Database Resource
Reflecting the lives of Blended families from African & Native American families.
Viewing African American History through a Genealogical Lens
genealogy. photography. and all the stuff in between.


Begin Your Family Line or extend another

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Dancestory2015 "Whose Do You Belong?"
Listen to my latest interview about nzoCALIFA Dancestory
hosted by journalist Wanda Sabir of Wandaspicks.com

In sweet #remembrance with dedication and inspiration, I give thanks to those who've supported me in championing the discovery of yOUR stories, catapulting another fantastic year of #Dancestory2015 aptly entitled:

"Whose Do You Belong?" 
inspired by my Father [ iba'e ] 
Joined in partnership with a vanguard of Eldership and aligned stewards, we begin to chronicle the works celebrating the legacies of Cultural gatekeepers that have enriched the lives of so many, finding it necessary to preserve these stories in perpetuity. 
     Your continued support subsidizes costs involving files organization, digitizing files, creating archival formats, work hours transposing data scanned documents and document retrieval -
Sounds tedious?! Well trust, I get-geeked about this work and every donation offered forward. Please stay tuned, in contact and do share a good word about #Dancestory2015.

Thank you bit-by-bit &
naming names along the way!

Regina "Califa" Calloway
email: califa510@yahoo.com
nzo.califa Dance Works [FB]
Congo SQ West Kinship Society [FB]

#Dancestory2014 - Ancestral walk to Ayiti

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti [Aug/Sept2014] -- Our visit to Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH) revealed the depth of history preserved from fascinating to harrowing, as it was also a mausoleum for holding the remains of the nation's Freedom fighters and Founding Fathers; some instances displayed the incorrigible drippings of greed exhibiting collections of objects bearing immeasurable wealth, by King's and Queen's of the land. 
       Ultimately I was excitingly overwhelmed by all of the data, facts especially at the Museum's entrance listing over 102 ethnic origins of Africans enslaved and shipped to the island...Solongo, Bissayol, Adiola and Tiambas to name a few, the most being from 
"Afrique du Centre-Ouest", not to mention indigene cultural contributions Taino, Sibonney and the Arawak who were said to have migrated to the area from Venezuela in canoes, and to have "given the sacred asson" to the Vodou rites in Haiti. It certainly sent my mind into a tailspin of possibilities extending my research and service to perhaps delving into these historical archives, or municipal records and corroborate some family connections, strengthening Family lines...bit-by-bit
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         #Dancestory2014 - Working da Lines - In the LAB! [click] #Dancestory2014 for updates]
Inspirational Mino Women [Our Mothers] Fon Warriors of the Dahomey Kingdom


07.10.2013-                 Live from #MAAGI! 
Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute

MAAGI2013 site -Historic Institution for producing the nations 1st African-Am educators

#Dancestory2013 in St. Louis, Missouri. Having launched from post-crash SFO, simply ecstatic to have traveled well and arrived safely. Institute Director, Charles Brown, Jr piloted the way to ensure my stay,  as I touched down and was warmly welcomed by kinship Kreative PandemoniumWeedie and Andrea for a wonderful night in “ da Lou”. Gillespie Hall ushered a good night’s rest in the dorms upon the Historic Harris-Stowe State University. This historically Black public University is in the forefront for producing some of the nation’s first Educators.

My study trek core is “Genealogy as a Profession” led by the nationally acclaimed Angela Y. Walton,
#MAAGI Registration badge
creator of excellent starter source "The Beginning Genealogist" * 
co-presented along with leading researchers in the field, such as 
Shelley Murphy of Afro American Historical Genealogy Society – Central Virginia Chapter, and Nicka Smith, photographer, genealogist blogger with noted site of East Carroll parish and chronicling her journey: http://blog.atlasfamily.org  Ms. Angela is a researcher and Blogger and nationally renown for her research and work on Oklahoma Native American records.  She presents a multitude of reasons to blog, recanting compelling stories and more. The class was led to engage in a brisk “lunch brunch” chat on Afrigeneas.com.  This chat session online is a like a freeway of information exchange of core members, experts and community associations. It was completely exhilarating to participate with the organization that sponsored my tuition as I was enthusiastically congratulated.

My morning was like *whoosh*, the trek is fast here with jewels and gems of #Genealogy information shared, specializing in various topics of African Ancestored Family histories.   After ooohhh’s and ahhaa’s at the breakfast chat listening to a wealth of personal stories connecting to Africa to freeborn Africans in Virginia, my class of the day begins with Bernice Bennett blogtalk host of  “Research at the National Archives and Beyond” with over 164,00 listeners to her show.  Bernice gives us an assignment to produce our own blogtalk radio show – by this evening *gulp* I volunteered to help brand, suggest talent and contribute creative content. Launched LIVE July 10, 2013, from #‎MAAGI at the Historical Harris-Stowe State University, listen in as Institute classmate Callie Flournoy-Riser shares her #‎genealogy journey to Cameroon with our class host Gary Franklin. Here's the broadcast link: http://bit.ly/134oWEp.
When I think of my experience at Midwestern African-American Genealogy Institute this year in St. Louis, I think back that just a couple of months ago, my family buried my 1st cousin who was my age...Her beautiful transcendental Spirit of perseverance is my fast pass to live my life NOW, which lead to my Scholarship Award from Afrigeneas.com making it possible to attend #MAAGI. Grateful to have re-connected with living my life's passion and for having participated in such an unforgettable experience. //

*This article appears in part from blog: "Working da Lines" 
via nzo.califa Dance Works on wordpress.com

06.20.2013 #Dancestory2013 NEWS: *still recovering from a natural high* 
THIS EVE, I received notification of CONGRATULATIONS as the recipient of the AfriGeneas Scholarship Award recipient covering tuition to study at the Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI)! Certainly the crown piece of my sojourn, as I’ll prepare to be immersed in 4 lectures a day over a 3 day period. 2013 marks the Institute’s inaugural year featuring genealogy leaders and experts specializing in African Ancestored family history research, held at Harris-Stowe State University in St. Louis, Missouri. My Study track Genealogy as a Profession  will be conducted by the illustrious Angela Y. Walton-Raji, nationally renown researcher and founding member of Afrigeneas.com, where participants will focus upon strategies for teaching, lecturing, writing and taking our practice to the next level and so much more, #RiteOn. 
I humbly thank Afrigeneas.com, MAAGI, the one above & the “divine9″ representing the jumpoff at  http://www.gofundme.com/Dancestory2013
note: Interested in tracing your roots, don’t know where to start, here’s the perfect place “the beginning” with Angela Y. Walton-Raji’s site:  http://beginninggenealogist.com/ 

Part of Field Workshop series: “Working da lines”                 
 [June 16th - November 2013]

“Dancestory” is a guided movement source of embodied knowledge - UNEARTHED. 
It incites exploration of 
cultural pathways and 
Ancestral histories, bridged 
with field-research and 

Through self-inquiry of unfolding “the Dance” Dancestory further examines:

WHY WE Dance and its potential mediumship for service,
WHAT of any of our Dance experience do we feel is inherited, 
learned and or embodied and 
HOW can one’s role as a Dance “Medium”, serve as a social change agent 
of empowerment. 

In collective vision, Dancestory aims to stimulate development of multi-cultural 
Dance teaching modalities affecting the classroom, presenting platforms and 
community-building initiatives and to facilitate development of shared repertoire 
progressively impacting communities served.

Dancestory’s deep works draws from an evolutionary mission to keep encoded 
sources of African Ancestral Legacies linked, vital and in continuum.

Regina "Califa" Calloway
Artistic Curator / Teaching-Artist
email: nzocalifa360@gmail.com
twitter: @nzoCALIFA | Dancestory2016

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