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Nzo Califa Dance Works step up its service to #Dance, ushering a series
of African Diaspora movement workshops
challenging Students to step up, train in form and function, invoking their own sojourn along the way. 
Our platforms incite a Spirit of deeper service as Dance agents & mediums, through Communal rituals, Ancestral fĂȘtes, and personal transformNATION workshops, cultivate the power to #giveDANCE.
We enjoy partnering initiatives of empowerment and professionally trained to in-service Community-building and Cultural Performing Arts programming. We are field leaders in African Diaspora Cultural Arts Enrichment Workshops and Conferences. Contact us, and let's advance Dance service together: 

email: califa510@yahoo.com social media: 
@nzoCALIFA | Nzo Califa Dance Works [click link]

More than history, amplify YOUR story starting with the Ancestral Wisdom of your Family. Be inspired by the unearthings of our Guided Genealogist 
R. Califa Calloway, Curator/Professional Teaching Artist

Fueled by Family and Community Support, advance the next steps of this Dance-inspired venture of the Season, bridging #Dance and technology researching Family History, 
[click link below]


A phenomenal encounter made possible by my great Friends, Family & Community; my works are now ROOTStech fueled with laser focus, grand stewardship and Ancestral inspirations. #workingmylines #danceyourdestiny #Dancestory2017


A message from our #Dance agents
~muita obrigada, R. Califa

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