Thursday, February 26, 2015

Moving towards a March of Dance legacy w/ R. Califa

Revived pathways, inspirations from Bay #Dance & Cultural legacy

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Lundi Gras - Crown Day Countdown 2015

     Mardi Gras Season one of my most beloved season's of the year - when I don't go to New Orleans she stays pretty close, as my #Oakland is developing a pretty decent and emerging #MardiGras Season, ushered by MJ's Brass Boppers with a Second line starting Awaken Cafe, downtown Oakland and process to the New Parish for the culminating Party and Get Down. But first thing's FIRST - Hailing UP my own Crown celebrations [Feb. 17th] a grand salute to that "Golden Crown" of Big Chief Tootie "Allison" Montana of the legendary #YellowPocahontas Mardi Gras Indian Nation & Happy Lundi Gras in grand Zulu tradition good folks! #RiteOn #Montanalegacy

Happy Lundi Gras @nzoCALIFA

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Class Crown celebrations with Honey, Gold & Mardi Gras!

     Form and Function classes not only draw from an inspiration and experience of Oakland Bay Area Dance training era celebrating the Dance, cultivating Communal kinship -- every Sunday for the Month of February and March. TODAY was special as warm ups began with music selections like Jill Scott's "Golden" and Eric Badu's "Honey" and at the class' end came carrot cake, champagne, a Mardi Gras Bouquet, a beautiful elixir and a Queen's meal was served in honor of my Crown day ushered by my beautiful Sistars and kinship from Emese' Messengers of the African Diaspora. 
Love you Laila & Asatu. | Form and Function w/R. Califa Sun. 10:30A-12noon +Malonga Casquelourd 
nzoCALIFA Feb. 15, 2015
Form and Function B-Day Celebrations of Queen nzoCALIFA FEB. 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

CSQwest10: Night of Tribute in Dance - Blanche Brown

Congo SQ West Kinship Society presents A Night of Tribute in Dance: Blanche Brown, Guest of Honor with honorees of distinction: Sister Linda Faye Johnson, Baba Marcus Gordon, Mr. Roger Dillahunty and next generation Artist Miss Elizabeth Soberanes 

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - Fort Mason Cowell Theater 
San Francisco International Arts Festival 2015
Early Bird Tix rates: March 1st 2015

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb.2015 #GoodGIVE360 launch at Malonga Center

 fotog: kimara alan dixon
FORM & FUNCTION off to a beautiful start as Dance Classes at the Malonga Center began on February 1st,  
in continued kinship with the legacy Omulu Capoeira Group - Kintuari Chapter, led by the Anthony "Busca' He" Fidel, 
teamed with an impressive group of change agents. Our Community Class Series, extend from a legacy of Arts bridging of Capoeira, Music and Dance pioneered through the trailblazing leadership of Mestre Carlos Gilberto Aceituno [iba'e], since 1993. 
 As a Capoeirista, I continue to make a contribution to the "roda of life" to keep it vital and usher a branch of education informing students of cultural traditions associated with Capoeira, and remain a dedicated advisor in Bay Area program development, challenging students to flex their movement through service. Students showed up at 10:30A with donations of blankets socks, jackets, scarves all on a Sunday - now that's CHURCH. We're collecting more until FEB. 8th. Learn more about the Form and Function Dance Class and our 1st #GoodGIVE360 [ click link ] *an nzoCALIFA initiative