Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spotlight: Performing Diaspora: Mama Kimpa Vita! by Muisikongo

"Dear God,
 I am not afraid, not afraid for my soul, 
not afraid for my flesh..."
-Muisi-Kongo Malonga, #KimpaVita

Muisi-Kongo's #KimpaVita - behind the scenes foto: nzo.califa
San Francisco, CA Aug. 22, 2013 -- Opening nite of rites, rituals, music and movement demystifying Ancestral histories, transcending the Ancient into contemporary. CounterPulse's Performing Diaspora Festival weekend 2 moves into next level as performers breed a night of the ethereal made Alive. Our highlight upon Muisi-kongo's #KimpaVita resonates with a desire to reveal a timeless story shedding light upon the sheroic leadership of one Woman's faith to unite her nation, while demystifying histories that make less accessible the overarching significance of this period of history - Kongo Kingdom.   In her own calling Muisi-kongo's #KimpaVita story is struck by a sense "to give voice" brilliantly unearthing the story, write the story and then listens... imbued with a duo-heritage of Kongo and Mississippi-Georgia wayz and means, she becomes the creative vessel that gives glimpse into moments of time--her piece ushers elements of transcendental nature and turbulent times in the lives of a Mother, a young brash innocent and innocent bystander... lives stolen, remains destroyed, Ancestral memories revived that allow Spirit to  speak -- Veneration! | ~nzo.califa, curatorial director 

UPDATES: BACK for a 2 week run commissioned to produce Muisi-Kongo's #KimpaVita Nov. 7th - 16th, 2014: CounterPulse 1310 Mission St.  San Francisco, CA 
2014 Blog/TIX info: Kimpa Vita 2014

Weekend two AUG 22-25: Laura Inseera; Muisi-kongo Malonga- Kimpa Vita! and Nadhi Thekkek-Cloud Messenger.