Thursday, April 14, 2016

...where DANCE lives, prosperity flows in Philanthropy!

Nzo Califa Dance Works continues to invoke the Service utilizing  #Dance as its vehicle. Our leadership tenaciously educates its constituency of the transcendental powers of prosperity through united movement. Offering signature Cultural-Arts programming, consultancy and curatorial services, nzoCALIFA partners with the visionary, organizations, activist-healers and Dance-building initiatives that serve to advance the mission of transformation and healing, with an African-centered lens. 
We invite you to flex your philanthropy and extend your #goodGIVE to these select kinship associations we adore and support, learn more at each link provided. ~Thank You  R. Califa, Creative Director

@nzoCALIFA We are committed to #Dance Service cultivating #Spirit; we Trumpet the walk of Miss Anisah Abdullah of healing, transformation and personal development, pursuing a guided initiation intensive into  Kemetic Yoga traditions! Calling upon Movement Activist to catch this cue and Support. Share the meme above and visit/donate at this link:   ~hotep

#Oakland The mark of evolution in a Dance Village, as this 6th grade Youth takes 
cue her Dance next level. Support this promise and she embarks upon a 
College tour. Your GIVE ensures her per diem & resource materials. 
UPDATE - #RiteOn Miss Seynabou , her Classmates & Community of Ile Omode School are well on College Tour in Washington D.C. journal writing at the Frederick Douglass National Historic site, having visited the historical institutions of Howard University and Hampton University in Virginia to date. Major Congrats to the Kouyate Family, Community and Ile Omode School: :: @nzoCALIFA

New Orleans Dance portal in the 9th ward offering a wealth of  Dance, Culture and Life enrichment, cultivating powerful creative expression. See HOW they do like they wanna at Dancing Grounds. You'll enjoy this GIVE:

St Louis Legendary Pioneer, Ms Katherine Dunham impacting Dance and Humanitarian Spirit. Giving towards its standing institution ensures another generation of Dance excellence. See the world of Dance through Dunham:

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