Thursday, April 28, 2016

nzoCALIFA: Dance Mediumship on Mission

#Dance is a vital vehicle that incites flow motion forward. We're fueled by united movement that provokes people to take action towards positive steps that elevate wellness, increase wealth and advances social betterment. Nzo Califa Dance Works, brilliantly weaves the sacred knowledge of Cultural Root workers and field Leaders, informed by our conscious intelligentsia into a powerful creative force of CHANGE. We challenge you to move, think and GIVE Dance with a new perspective. #RiteOn 
~R. Califa, Creative Director, Professional Teaching Artist
nzoCALIFA: "...where DANCE lives and SPIRIT moves."

#RiteOn #Dance agents transcend their movement and professional expertise to heal community creating a dialogue of exchange advancing our health and mental wellness
For more info call or email: deeprootshc@gmail.com510.560.HEAL.

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