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Monday Media -nzo.archive: Fua Dia Congo 2009

R. Califa Diaspora Dance Specialist
Alumnus of Fua Dia Congo/Diata Diata
Met the inimitable "Congo Man" onstage at a Berkeley Highschool Performance in tribute to Ta Malonga back in 1982. On cue, he jumped in and challenged our "Bakongo" and as my Senior classmates quickly exited stage right, I was left to fend for my neophyte-self, an initiation so-to-speak. Post College, I immediately inducted myself into the membership of this iconic Cultural force and not only gained an immeasurable training and educational experience of  Dance, Drum and Culture, also learning these important keys as an Artist: "Arts excellence and Business administration" Malonga's torch of indomitable Spirit continues to blaze cultural pathways that'd create Nzo Califa Dance Works and elevate "My Kongo". ~ @nzoCALIFA

FUA DIA CONGO [FUA] was founded by World-renown Master Artist and Cultural Ambassador Ta Malonga Casquelourd of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo in kinship with respected Community leaders and scholars of East Palo Alto along with his Congolese cohorts Ma Boukaka and Paul N'Goumba [all give praise to life].  His visionary leadership carried many important veins that bred life into notable Institutions for erecting arts preservation and academic excellence like, San Francisco State University's Ethnic Dance Department, San Francisco City Celebrations, Mandeleo Institute and Everybody's Creative Arts Center.  Established in 1977, FUA is a non-profit Teaching and Performing Arts Institution; It's Company repertoire reflects religious, social and military traditions of the Kongo Kingdom, the Company's legacy extends itself to a global Student constituency, epic Company Repertoire productions, celebrated Dance and Drum Camps from California to Maui, Hawaii and signature Dance and Drum Class programming at the historic Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, Oakland, CA.


Presentation at the Midpen Media Center Studio Series, January 2009

Fua Dia Congo
Congolese Dance Ensemble
"Our Congolese Heritage" 

Artistic Director: Muisi-Kongo Malonga Musical Director: Kiazi T. Malonga
Guest Master Artist: Sandor Diabankouezi  Producers: Karen Adams, Muisi-Kongo Malonga
  • Kimvuka - A Village gathering
  • Mayaka - Company
  • Ganza - Company
  • Bisiki Bia Ngoma - Drum Core
  • Dance Moumbolo - Company 
  • Essombi - Balet Kizingu Youth Ensemble 
  • Kingoli - Company
*program credits drawn from the video program

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