Tuesday, October 18, 2016

OAKLAND DANCE: invoking Next Level Movement ~nzoCALIFA pix

@nzoCALIFA -- #Oakland It's a powerFULL time for #Oakland Dance, from the studios to the streets, of global proportions wielding powerful throws of cyclonic fireballs of CHANGE -- GET CALIBRATED! Giving praise to life, swiftly engaged in Ancestral rites of celebrations and elevations, never losing sight of the slain, we are fueled by swings, cuts and blows that shall leave an indelible print upon this Bay Area Cultural Artscape -  Unapologetically. In this post, although a petite pix list as it relates to @nzoCALIFA kinships in motion, we salute our #Dance comrades and kinship aligned. #RiteOn

Please partake, participate and Celebrate
#OaklandDance Movement

October 22nd &23rdTIX411: KKDE 20th Anniversary  - Kendra Kimbrough Dance Ensemble 20th Anniversary Concert featuring Dance Reunion, Premiere works and honoring our fellow Dancestor - Ms. Roquisha Townsend [iba'e] A Grand Salute to Dance force, K*Star Producer and our kinship Dance Partner Ms. Kendra Kimbrough Barnes, Big Love! ~ R. Califa @nzoCALIFA 
TIX411: OCT. 21-22/ Eastside ARTS Alliance: Buy TIX here | Be challenged by these works high octane fueled "House/Full of Black Women: THE MEANING OF CANARIES"
Envisioned and Womanifested by Global Artist Visionaries, Activists and Healers - Amara Tabor Smith and Ellen Sebastian Chang - flanked by contending Dance forces advocating for Daughters, Sisters, Nieces, Granddaughters, Aunties, Grandmothers, MOM -- US and THEM! Brace yourself for a catalyst of CHANGE of cyclonic proportions  is already in motion.
OCT. 30th SUN: Eastside Arts Alliance and Dimensions Dance Theater 
present PROJECT PANTHER propels forward commemorating  a 
historical proportions of  The Black Panther Party's 50th Anniversary.
FREE to the Community - If ever there was a Dance Voice to this movement and era,
be certain that Dance Cultural Luminary,
Ms. Deborah Vaughan delivers with impact, ammo'd with 4 decades of chronicling and amplifying Oakland's #Dance voice and global ambassadorship. BE THERE and BE MOVED! #RiteOn | 2277 Int'l Blvd, Oakland #BPP50

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