Monday, August 17, 2015

#CSQwest10: New Orleans Revival, Recovery & Rhythmic Alchemy
aug. 14th -- Stepping up my service in the #Dance by making atonement and to #HonorBreath. Joined in  New Orleans Commune+Unity initiative at the historic Congo Square - AUG. 29th 10A - 12Midnite, Nfungotah Inc.'s #RhythmicAlchemy will invoke measures of "Healing and Recovery" at the country's epicenter --Congo Square - Orleans Parish - Louisiana.
     Reflecting upon this vital connection that fuels my works of Service, Ancestor honoring, Professional Teaching curriculum and my own vitality -- remembering those unforgettable words that my Grandfather of Pioneer, Louisiana told me in the emergence of gentrification in the Bay Area -- "...don't forget your own backyard." *never forget how we come and whose you belong to." I forge enlightened pathways as a beacon of light aspiring higher...I now commemorate a decade of powerful works shared in the wake of what has been coin-phrased around the world as #Katrina10 - Yet these works service to heal and revive the SPIRIT of our good kinship and those "...of good works and prosperity" #CSQwest10 - t'ache, t'ache, t'ache.  ~R. Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works

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