Sunday, May 3, 2015

#CSQwest10 Bay Area Honorees DANCE Week - MAY 10th-14th

Bay Area, CA -- Buzzing with salutations and celebrations honoring the Honorees this year's legacies of Cultural Gatekeepers to be honored MAY 28th at the San Francisco International Arts Festival, in a Night of Tribute in Dance, honoring Dance Pioneer, Blanche Brown, produced by Congo SQ West Kinship Society. Honorees week MAY 10th - MAY 14th encourages our constituencies to ENGAGE through the DANCE and LEARN more about the people behind the living legacy, reflecting a wealth of kinship associations historical to the Bay Area Cultural Landscape and beyond! Tickets available online for Night of Tribute in Dance, honoring Dance Pioneer Blanche Brown. [ click link ]

Come on out and participate and share a good word. 
Check the listing below for class/workshop offerings:
For more info:

Congo SQ West boasts an exciting week of signature #Dance programming and exchange
in commemoration of their 10th partnering with the SF International Arts Festival. #CSQwest10
Join a special Night in Tribute and Commemoration, as advance reserved tickets [$25] are available on sale now. Also available, "the real deal" VIP tickets [$35], promise premium seating with an exclusive opportunity to experience LIVE! @Congo SQ West reception / mixer. VIP will bask in memorabilia, celebrate legacy fruits and some of the finest in Artistic offerings. 

      VIP reception features Artistic comrades of historical kinship with #CSQwest10:
[partial listing]
Peru: Proyecto Lando's Pedro Rosales  Cultural caretaker & caj√≥n virtuoso 
Marina Lavalle Peru Negro's premier voice for Black Peru & 
premier guitarist of Criolla tradition, Maestro Vladimir "Papo" Vukanovich  

Democratic Republic of Congo's Jacques Ibula Activist/Musician to strike a chord of acoustic mediumship of Congo risings and invocations of consciousness & heart 

Buy tickets at this link:

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