Thursday, April 11, 2013

BKNY- Dance Injury Prevention

Greetings Dance devotees, builders and presenters,
I bid you well from the left-coast and encourage that ALL please plan to attend this special workshop lead by Richard Symister; He is "tried and true" with distinct services of prevention and a special quality of care through empowerment - keeping us all

 "Kicking High, smiling wide and bowing low."
Kudos to Cumbe for presenting such an important component of 
"Dancer Education/Wellness"

Sunday, April 14th from 1:30 - 3 pm.| Brooklyn, New York

We will be discussing dance injury prevention and pain management.
Topics to be covered:
•   Kinesiotaping and its uses (demonstration included)
•   Key points to protecting your body, with a basic dance-  injury screening
•  Full-body trigger point treatments, stretching and exercises
•  Remedies for specific muscle imbalances/weakness
•  Ways to boost your performance and promote healing with nutritional timing

Sign up for Injury Prevention for Dancers workshop 
If you have questions, email
. All dance styles and performing artists welcome!

Hope to see you this Sunday. Keep the move.
-Richard SymisterMSPTCKTPCSCSUSATF Level 1

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