Friday, November 2, 2018

Bakanal de Afrique: NOV2018 Dance Take Ovah

nzocalifa -- #Oakland Bay Area: A Grand Salute to our kinship Afro Urban Society as we celebrate the launch of Bakanal de Afrique, an Afro Urban commission to be in the Dance, coming thru like a Malonga command to "Shut up and Dance", and you'll say Hallelujah you did! Opening November 2nd at Oakland's Studio Grand, an Exhibition, exchange and Mixer Fete; check out the HOT Dance Class excitement by forces in  Afro Urban Dance from Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana to Nigeria and New Orleans, hey YOU - Where YOU from?!, Hollah back! 
The Festival's Production Master Piece, an Afro Urban Musical "400 years in the making"  entitled: "What Had Happen Was..." will take you on a fantastic journey through genres of Dance, from the dirt to the concrete, channeled through one of the most talented Dance Collectives we've had the opportunity to co-create with; A grand salute to their mediumship, its Visionary leadership, YOU and our Ancestors -- so much more to say, we'll let the info below guide your way, see ya in the studio, stage or these streets. //@nzoCALIFA

Afro Urban Society: Bakanal de Afrique 2018
Complete listing, tickets and your guide in next level movement:

Hot Ticket, Afro Urban Musical, 400 years in the making: TIX INFO

Côte d'Ivoire Stand UP, Oui Oui, Int;l Afro Urban Dance force, Yaps Jolito
as the best in Coupe decale & Ndombolo Dance classes hit the Bay Area,
make the right moves and SIGN UP

SUN. Nov 18th 2P-4P | Hosted by Portsha Jefferson's Haitian Danc Class, the lagniappe of the Festival, The New Orleans Original BuckShop, Secondline Dance Class & Procession, delivered by Master Artist & Cultural Ambassador Michelle N. Gibson and the Minister of Music for the day is Nate Cameron & The Oakland Secondline Project, both New Orleans natives.  If you know US, ya betta be there behbe! Get High, Get low, Get BUCK! Let's goooo. // @nzoCALIFA & Kongo SQ West Kinship Society