Monday, October 15, 2018

nzoCALIFA: LEVEL UP our Our movement! BdA

nzoCALIFA -- Participating as Guest Choreographer, and ALL IN on supporting the visionary success of this project with so much to #Dance for, purposeful in the build - Afro Urban Society's Bakanal de Afrique delivers centuries old question and dancing through the ages for a solution. A cast-size over 50 from Atlanta to Zimbabwe, music genres surely to captivate its intergenerational-cultural-sociopolitical audiences -- but then again its really about US dancing-creating-loving-healing together -- brilliantly 

It would seem an ambitious feat, yet not for this Dance kinship - comes with a price to produce, already on the ground with 62% raised against a match challenged target date -- GET US TO THE DANCE ON TIME! Your next cue?!

Click the link below and let the cash flow. Your investment to the well is deeply appreciated.
in shared Dance kinship, 

Regina Califa Calloway 
nzoCALIFA Dance Works
With just 7 more days, click this link and help us establish #nextlevel movement!
Let's GET it! 

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