Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Tribute to our Queen Mother Mama Faye

original post via Nzo Califa Waters on Facebook

OCT. 27th 11A 📣COMMUNITY CALL If you dance "African" or "Afro" in the #BayArea" give thanks to this Pioneering Queen Mother DR FAYE MCNAIR-KNOX, as she was pillar and post, intellectually creative brilliance, birthing Communal legacies that invoke powerFULL activism -- She was grace with unwavering leadership, and a captivating smile. 
       Mama Faye was among the Pioneering Founding Mothers of those "African Amazons" aka " Fua Dia Congo that pulled #MyKongo" in highschool; I am blessed and imbued to have experienced such kinship and works, transcending elegantly through beloved Daughters/Sistars Halili, Ra'Shida & Ma mingui  Muisi-kongo Malonga. 

💜Honoring you Dr Faye, will always be a powerful thread in the fabric of my life's works, Matando Mama *Wa dia fua yika dio*  

🤓One East Palo Alto (OEPA) Neighborhood Improvement Initiative founded by and lead tenaciously by Dr Faye for 14 yrs has established the "@Faye DrFaye McNair-Knox Memorial Fund"   A good give indeed: #givepraisetolife 

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