Tuesday, February 6, 2018

nzoCALIFA: Your History More than a Month

As the excitement grows so does my works in preparation to participate in the
largest Genealogical /Technology Conference in the World.  #RootsTech2018
*smiling* February ushers a mighty sprint towards my #Regina2Rootstech2018 venture drawing inspiration from a powerfully packed experience utilizing my creative gifts, Ancestrally inspired!  Sewing skirts for the Communal Ritual offering of House/Full of Black Woman's Episode: passing/through/the great middle, talking #Genealogy on #BlackBeatBayArea The Flo Wiley show [my segment is from 32:43-44:35] on KGPC 96.9 FM and creating an altar in memory of my Teacher, Gran Abdoulaye Diakite, Bamana of Tambacounda, West Africa *breath*...all phenomenally gratifying - WELL DONE 

*Egun ire'o, thank you Commune+Unity* 

I am pleased to be in one of my favorite coves - #Oakland Family History Center, more names gathered, transcribing stories, refreshing this leg of my campaign amplifying the voices of our Family History. Please do share a good word. 

Your outpouring of sharing surnames, riddles and daring to incite wellness, bringing relief to intergenerational trauma reflect as invaluable teaching moments. I thank you. 

in shared kinship of our story, 

  R. Califa Calloway 

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