Monday, December 31, 2018

Ohhh Freedom, Watch Night Service,Shine On 2019


Those who've actually fought for freedom might have gotten weary, yet never tarried, for S/He who feels it, knows it. And those of us who benefit from such sacrifice and activism which gifted us life, shall be forever grateful. As for my Family Spiritual traditions, we give praise to life and give thanks to God, during this time of the year.  I celebrate #WatchNightService on New Year's Eve and pay homage to this day as FREDEDOM'S EVE.
As some of our African American Ancestors, were emboweled in American slavery, who would imagine such a moment in time whereby the fate of your destiny would come by the stroke of a pen and happen upon you by word of mouth. Do you believe it? Could your Faith withstand the weight of such news? Most certainly the shackles from one's own mind would need to be released, before their feet. I imagine that our Cultural Rootworkers, Gris Gris Men, Hunters and Nanny's had already caught a notion and knew where to look for a sign of Freedom...while others waited in a quandary, some headed to the forest to gather ceremoniously as "Mbongi", and being natural star seekers, we began to look to the heavens for "that infamous star" giving us cue upon midnight -- Freedom had indeed arrived! 

My Ancestor Hazel Eliza Evans "Paine" (1822-1917
lived to  tell her story; She is a celebrated Historical
Woman of Liberty County, Texas. foto cr: C.Cullen
Historically January 1, 1863 represents the first effects of the Emancipation Proclamation, serving as a military tactic that first released the bondage of those enslaved on rebellious Southern territory against the Union Army under Lincoln presidency; this included some of my own Ancestors of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina; Yet, it'd be an ongoing battle in the Civil War with others of my Ancestors serving in the United States Colored Troops, paving the way towards the abolition of slavery by the 13th Amendment, passed through Congress January 31, 1865 and ratified December 6, 1865.
"I say that my folks, are the most resilient, brilliant Human specie on this planet" ~R.Califa
For no matter the tactics or the terror, we were and are a liberation minded people, who've navigated slave ship horror stories, launched scores of uncharted rebellions, to waging the strife of everyday plantation life, striving to thrive. And with success, God was at the helm, with Spirituality binding us as it is commonly known about the deep Soul of Black Folks.

My Ancestral Matriarch known as Harriett Eliza Evans "Paine" was born in Tennessee and carried to Texas by the slave owning Hardin Family; During Freedom's eve, and years after Emancipation Day, she continued to work her finger to the bone, whereby news of her Freedom as well as over 250,000 others enslaved in Texas was "delayed" until June 19,  1865, hence the celebration of Juneteenth in Texas and across America today.

Remember to cook up some Good
Luck New Year's food traditions.
On Freedom's Eve,we worship in prayer and reflection proclaiming God's glory to see forward such a day made possible through our Ancestors; As the New Year transcends into Emancipation Day of Freedom Celebrations, we shout in praise with unspeakable joy.
We give praise to God for our deliverance through a legacy of Faith, Family and fortitude, while holding up the blood stained banner of slain liberation fighters, unjust lynchings of Family members and the surviving descendants of the Trails of Tears.  We send love and ease to the broken hearts along the way, finding strength and inspiration celebrating "How We Got Over", Hallelujah!!! A new day is upon us as 2018 comes to a close in preparation to hail up 2019 New Year's Day - Emancipation/Freedom Day for Black/African America! Harambee 7x's.

Deeply inspired, I encourage that you please check your local Black Church/Temple/Gathering place for #WatchNightServices and or Freedom's Eve Services in celebration of our Emancipation Day; do bring a young person and talk to your Wisdom keepers to continue to prosper these traditions through Family and Community #givethanks ~R. Califa Calloway / @nzoCALIFA

Stockton, CA

Lisle, Illinois

Little Rock, Arkansas
West Oakland, California

Oakland, California
From Whence We Came Gullah Geechie Watch Night 
+ Emancipation
South Carolina, USA
*testimonial accounts by descendants of enslaved Ancestors Freed

 Video courtesy of @GullahGeechieCorridor on youtube

Chicago, Illinois

Detroit, Michigan


Friday, November 2, 2018

Bakanal de Afrique: NOV2018 Dance Take Ovah

nzocalifa -- #Oakland Bay Area: A Grand Salute to our kinship Afro Urban Society as we celebrate the launch of Bakanal de Afrique, an Afro Urban commission to be in the Dance, coming thru like a Malonga command to "Shut up and Dance", and you'll say Hallelujah you did! Opening November 2nd at Oakland's Studio Grand, an Exhibition, exchange and Mixer Fete; check out the HOT Dance Class excitement by forces in  Afro Urban Dance from Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana to Nigeria and New Orleans, hey YOU - Where YOU from?!, Hollah back! 
The Festival's Production Master Piece, an Afro Urban Musical "400 years in the making"  entitled: "What Had Happen Was..." will take you on a fantastic journey through genres of Dance, from the dirt to the concrete, channeled through one of the most talented Dance Collectives we've had the opportunity to co-create with; A grand salute to their mediumship, its Visionary leadership, YOU and our Ancestors -- so much more to say, we'll let the info below guide your way, see ya in the studio, stage or these streets. //@nzoCALIFA

Afro Urban Society: Bakanal de Afrique 2018
Complete listing, tickets and your guide in next level movement:

Hot Ticket, Afro Urban Musical, 400 years in the making: TIX INFO

Côte d'Ivoire Stand UP, Oui Oui, Int;l Afro Urban Dance force, Yaps Jolito
as the best in Coupe decale & Ndombolo Dance classes hit the Bay Area,
make the right moves and SIGN UP

SUN. Nov 18th 2P-4P | Hosted by Portsha Jefferson's Haitian Danc Class, the lagniappe of the Festival, The New Orleans Original BuckShop, Secondline Dance Class & Procession, delivered by Master Artist & Cultural Ambassador Michelle N. Gibson and the Minister of Music for the day is Nate Cameron & The Oakland Secondline Project, both New Orleans natives.  If you know US, ya betta be there behbe! Get High, Get low, Get BUCK! Let's goooo. // @nzoCALIFA & Kongo SQ West Kinship Society

Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Tribute to our Queen Mother Mama Faye

original post via Nzo Califa Waters on Facebook

OCT. 27th 11A 📣COMMUNITY CALL If you dance "African" or "Afro" in the #BayArea" give thanks to this Pioneering Queen Mother DR FAYE MCNAIR-KNOX, as she was pillar and post, intellectually creative brilliance, birthing Communal legacies that invoke powerFULL activism -- She was grace with unwavering leadership, and a captivating smile. 
       Mama Faye was among the Pioneering Founding Mothers of those "African Amazons" aka " Fua Dia Congo that pulled #MyKongo" in highschool; I am blessed and imbued to have experienced such kinship and works, transcending elegantly through beloved Daughters/Sistars Halili, Ra'Shida & Ma mingui  Muisi-kongo Malonga. 

💜Honoring you Dr Faye, will always be a powerful thread in the fabric of my life's works, Matando Mama *Wa dia fua yika dio*  

🤓One East Palo Alto (OEPA) Neighborhood Improvement Initiative founded by and lead tenaciously by Dr Faye for 14 yrs has established the "@Faye DrFaye McNair-Knox Memorial Fund"   A good give indeed: #givepraisetolife 

Monday, October 15, 2018

nzoCALIFA: LEVEL UP our Our movement! BdA

nzoCALIFA -- Participating as Guest Choreographer, and ALL IN on supporting the visionary success of this project with so much to #Dance for, purposeful in the build - Afro Urban Society's Bakanal de Afrique delivers centuries old question and dancing through the ages for a solution. A cast-size over 50 from Atlanta to Zimbabwe, music genres surely to captivate its intergenerational-cultural-sociopolitical audiences -- but then again its really about US dancing-creating-loving-healing together -- brilliantly 

It would seem an ambitious feat, yet not for this Dance kinship - comes with a price to produce, already on the ground with 62% raised against a match challenged target date -- GET US TO THE DANCE ON TIME! Your next cue?!

Click the link below and let the cash flow. Your investment to the well is deeply appreciated.
in shared Dance kinship, 

Regina Califa Calloway 
nzoCALIFA Dance Works
With just 7 more days, click this link and help us establish #nextlevel movement!
Let's GET it! 

*                        *                     *

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

#nzoCALIFAncestry: #BlackProGen What About Your Story?!?

nzoCALIFA -- Some may think that all to #Dance is movement, performance or being in a class.  All true to some extent, YET if you're a African Dance Diaspora Specialist, Instructor, Artistic Director, Dance-builder, Cultural caregiver or Curatorial agent, there is a high-sense of responsibility-- a CALLING that one may answer to.  Just how much do you know about the Artistic leadership in your Community, Company rehearsals, the Studio or the Institution? Can you research their #Dance-building or life's Cultural contributions and achievements past "Googling it"?! 
       What about YOUR story as a Dancer or #Dance agency? Documenting your OWN story not only contributes toward your Town's rich cultural landscape, it populates potential archives and collections in the company, including local, state and national preservation institutions; More importantly, your life's story advances your #FamilyHistory, in some cases reflecting "That Dash of Life" between our birth and death date.
Take our @nzoCALIFAncestry #Summerwritingchallenge and create your #Ancestral #Dance inspiration story in 150 words or less.  Share with us before Solstice's end 
SEPT. 22, 2018 [This event has expired]
email: subject heading: #Summerwritingchallenge  
This next move will be easy, as you know best your life's choreo-steps. And guess what? You don't even need to be a Dancer, Dance or know how to #Dance to take this Summer writing challenge. Just write your life taking creative cues from Ancestral inspirations. nzoCALIFA blogspot will highlight special picks along the way. 

Here's motivation to get you started featuring #BlackProGen a team of Genealogy experts, Family Historians and Field specialists in a LIVE chat session: 
<get started rite now, and always timely>

Giving voice to your story, extend the gift of legacy of your Ancestral heritage.

Dusting off our bifocals!
In shared Communal kinship works,

Regina Califa, @nzoCALIFA
about: #nzoCALIFAncestry <click link>

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

nzoCALIFAncestry: BlackProGen LIVE! Ep 61: MAAGI 2018

nzocalifa --  Live remote broadcast of JUST what goes on at my favorite alma mater, as The Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute, at the Genealogy Center at Allen County Public Library is in session -- brick walls come down, tools and techniques are taught by field leaders and experts, and a new day of discovery happens at #MAAGI. Listen in and learn good folks... @nzoCALIFA

Learn more information #MAAGI

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

nzoCALIFA - Lo maximo! Peru at the Malonga

archives @nzoCALIFA Our platform aims to invoke an International dialogue among African Diaspora Cultural keepers and stewards to learn more about our story through kinship exchange of Ancestral Cultural and Spiritual Traditions #RiteOn

[2012] R. Califa & J. Johnson pictured with Dance virtuoso Javier Gordillo Barrera of Lima Peru; 
Javier appeared as a Resident Artist with De Rompe y Raja Cultural Association.  
In kinship with Emese': MOTAD we conducted his first workshop appearance 
at the historic Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, Oakland, CA.
Tee: Commemorative Carnaval shirt of Fogo Na Roupa

[June 2018 vid: @nzoCALIFA] We've enjoyed cherished opportunities to share the stage with our Brother Javier,
celebrating Malonga Casquelourd Day presented by Studio Grand's "Under the Oakland Skies" 
Javier takes a solo moment fired up by Proyecto Lando, against the backdrop of the Lake Merritt, Oakland.
One of our most valuable service attributes is the timeless kinship of Artists 
we've maintained exchange with over a period of time,
transcending boundaries, language and time...

Make your next #Dance moves count, contact us to blueprint your vision.
workshops*conferences*curatorial projects

Nzo Califa Dance Works
"...where DANCE lives and SPIRIT moves."

Monday, June 18, 2018

nzoCALIFA: In salute to #MalongaFEST2018, June 22-24, 2018


MalongaFEST2018: 15th year commemoration of one of our most dynamic Artistic Leaders, Cultural Visionary and Teacher, a grand salute in remembrance of the life of Ta Malonga Casquelourd in  observance of  Malonga Casquelourd Day, Sunday, June 24, 2018, 1-3P  Lake Merritt Amphitheater. #Oakland
[download fliers plan to participate and please share]

              A message from the Artistic Director, Muisi-Kongo Malonga of Fua Dia Congo

"When reflecting upon the story of #TaMalongaCasquelourd and Fua Dia Congo
what cannot be overlooked is the inextricable link between art and activism... 
In a seminal multimedia work by Janeen Ella Johnson, multi-disciplinary arts professional 
and esteemed Fua alumnus , new light will be cast on these powerful intersections."
Join us for the premiere of this visionary work on FRI. JUNE 22nd 7:30P at 
MalongaFEST 2018! Our Movement, Our Medicine, Our Culture 
Oakstop 14 274 14th St Oakland [nr 12th St BART] close to the Malonga Center. //  @nzoCALIFA

2nd Day offerings FREE COMMUNITY CLASSES at Oakstop 14, 274 14th St, 
located a block away from Malonga Center #Oakland [access nr 12th Street BART] 

#MalongaFEST2018, Special Guest Artist, Javier Gordillo Barrera of Lima, Peru to teach 
SAT. JUNE 23rd St at Oakstop 14, 474 14th St. Oakland,  CA.

 SUN. JUNE 24TH - MALONGA CASQUELOURD DAY - 15th year Observation 
of the Life and legacy of Ta Malonga Casquelourd, 
City of Oakland Proclamation.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

nzoCALIFA Dancestory move the story

#nzoCALIFA -- Dance as service has transformed my life full throttle, guiding my life pathways retooling my choreo-life steps, nurturing the advancement of mind, body and Spiritual wellness--for HEALTH is WEALTH.  nzoCALIFA Dancestory has been a powerful visionary platform exemplary for Teaching  to activate transformative learning experiences in #Dance.  
      From its inception, identifying lines of symmetry within the Bay Area African/Diaspora Dance and Drum Community has served as a wellspring for Genealogical research, bridging oral histories, and intersecting Family lines.  As ROOTS run deep for the unearthing, it is from this same soil that Communal kinship building remains vital.  Starting with the launch of #Dancestory2013 ignited my own story into a voluminous archive of Familial stories and fantastic journeys that now transcend generations called  
"...the Unearthings of a guided Genealogist"

Swiftly into its 5th year,  the nzoCALIFA Dancestory sojourn has sought to explore, unearth and clarify a purpose-filled life in service to the Dance and through Dance, harvesting all of the wealth that this journey has to offer. As so much has been shared, I continue to cultivate, educate and elevate a nation of Dance Transformation Agents. #byanydivinemeansnecessary
Just what inspires you to Dance?!         I'd love to hear it. 

In shared works of kinship,
Regina "Califa" Calloway


social media:          @nzoCALIFA 
My Genealogy site: 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

nzoCALIFA: Thank You Supporters of Regina2Rootstech2018

#nzoCALIFAncestry     OOOhhh MYYY GOD, #Rootstech was ultra-amazing, and as it's not easy to download such an overload of highly stimulating encounters, experiences, new cousin connections, hack-worthy Genealogy info conferencing with over 15,000 folks - one betta be in FORMATION. 

     Shout out to my Genea-kinship @BlackProGen presenters, as they delivered magnificently at the helm of 100's sharing their signature brand of service and expertise in the field of African-Ancestored Genealogy, case scenarios, slaying brickwalls, with beaucoup Genealogical unearthings, advancing DNA discoveries and vice-versa. 

I BREATHE & BREED #DANCE with heightened awareness. So to each of you, I give ultimate thanks and praises for your respective agency of support, in working your lines and entrusting this service of Faith -- already paid forward. And these days, we SEE each other, as I am often met on the #Dance floor or at Community encounters with an inquiry about #FamilyHistory. 


So why am I so inspired by the ROOTStech experience and 
just how important is?  
<click link below>


in shared works of kinship,
Regina "Califa" Calloway


social media:          @nzoCALIFA 
My Genealogy site:

Monday, February 26, 2018

nzoCALIFA - Oakland legacy presence #Regina2Rootstech2018

nzoCALIFA -- #Regina2Rootstech2018 This morning's meditation was filled with abundant expectation with all cues intact. First! Clarify your agenda for Rootstech 2018. The Conference boasts over 200 breakout sessions, an innovative/interactive Expo Hall, inspiring speakers like Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr and fantastic events - yup, I need to get into Formation.      

         Cut to the African Heritage Social Event, featuring the groundbreaking historical works of Ms. Regina Mason, who recovered a precedent-setting, memoir written by her great-great-great-grandfather, William Grimes, who authored the first fugitive slave narrative in U.S. history! She's on tour and was in California in January.  Excited, I watched the video trailer of her latest film, and to my surprise playing the role of Elder Williams Grimes was one of my most respected Humanitarians, Community Pillar, Master Artist and beloved Community Wisdom keeper, MR. MICHAEL F. LANGE

I was stunned as Baba Michael is now a cherished Ancestral Communal Guardian who's always been a valiant supporter of our organization's work as 

Kongo SQ West Kinship Society, he was the inspiration and impetus for its launch at the Malonga Center; we even hold in our archives rare footage documenting this kinship. Baba Michael's agency of fairness and justice came to my aid even during legal discourse with the City, as I to witnessed the tumultuous departmental turnover including his disembowelment from now the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts. Baba Michael Lange opened up pathways for works that served Community betterment affording such passageways of engagement towards good service. 
#givepraisetoLife, as I'll wear my #Rootstech2018 badge of honor 
#OaklandProud at the  African Heritage event and you can best believe that 
I will hail up to the name of our invaluable Ancestral Communal Guardian ascended  "Michael F. Lange".  * Thank you, Baba Michael,* 
God Bless the Family. 

Egun Ire'o, Egun Iba'se 
Ancestrally imbued in deep gratitude 

Regina "Califa" Calloway, 

Catch a glimpse of Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes. 
Regina Mason, Executive Producer 
[click link]

Mr. Michael F. Lange's legacy transcends through the 
www.michaellangefoundation in the care of his Family, 

dedicated Leaders and good folks in a shared mission.

Friday, February 23, 2018

nzoCALIFA: Dash tha Gourd and Celebrate thru Dance

 FRI. Feb 23 - Join a Soul-filled Get Dance Instruction 6:30p-7:30p
Afro Urban Society's Nkei Oruche, | 10th St Amphitheater - Oakland Museum

SAT. FEB. 25th 6P-10P | Happy yOUR Story Month,
I celebrate in kinship with SUYA Oakland & Afro Urban Society's
Black Heritage Fete: Dance, Music, Food, Band, DJ & Family History;
Come "Dash My Gourd"
and #nextlevel my works -> #Regina2Roots2018 

Saturday, Feb 24 | 6:00P - 10:00P
EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd, Oakland
As usual: All-Ages | Food & Drinks | DJ | Culture & More

Gbedu Town RadioCommunity Lab w/ Guest Artists
Live Art by Boze: Living the Art Life 22
Staneisha's (Suya Host) Birthday Celebration
Djayslim on the
Words by Nunu Kidane, Priority Africa Network
Black History Month Jeopardy by Kulture Freedom
Afro Urban Society Dance
Get, Give & Go #Dance, here's our pix list of Bay Area Dance /Movement Happenings
Nzo Califa Dance Works