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nzoCALIFA_Archives: Divinely Fogolystic - Carnaval SF '95

"That's why I like Carnaval...There's no preconceived notion about who can take part. There are people in the classes 
from 5 to 50 years old."
R. Calloway, Carnaval Program Coordinator, Class Leader
Fogo Na Roupa/ New Mission News, San Francisco  1995

Featured Fogo Na Roupa, Carnaval SF 1993 - Nives Wetzel de Cediel Dance leader
       An inspired moment to write this flashback forward piece, in the midst of researching material for my #Dancestory2017 trek and came across this article, part of the The New Mission News Archive - May 1995
San Francisco, CA. It shares a glimpse of Carnaval San Francisco revelry , featuring an article of one my legacy Dance Houses for over 17 years -- Fogo Na Roupa.  
Be lifted in the richness of such a historical tradition of Arts passion and life works. Engage in the feel of these times and please read the actual article [i.] below
Obrigada, R. Califa 

" Serengeti" Fogo Na Roupa, Carnaval San Francisco 1995
Nives Wetzel, Laila Jenkins & Lisa Whitney 

[rt] Artistic Director Mestre Carlos Aceituno 
[rest in progress]
"Fogo's Divine Buzios" was the theme for one of the Bay Area's exciting movements on and off the streets, founded in 1989, Fogo Na Roupa [clothes on fire] led then by the illustrious Mestre Carlos Gilberto Aceituno.[RIP]
     We enlisted the talents of Mario Chacon, Carnaval King and award winning Fashion designer from El Salvador, coalesced with Artists/Costume designer talents of Nives Wetzel, Lisa Whitney, with a team of dedicated Musicians and Volunteers, responsible for producing the sound and encapsulating the visual aspect upon a Float platform.  Delivered personally from Salvador da Bahia the "Timbau" was the featured instrument as "Timani" a Senegalese rhythmic adaption donned Fogo's dynamic playlist. 
As Carnaval Program Coordinator it was my role to coordinate the Artistic visions of the Director, Designers working in concert to outfit an over 40 piece bateria, while recruiting contingent membership, conducting class programming and Womanifest my own designs upon a section or destaque or two -- boasting a membership of over 200.   
YES! I'd be in creative nirvana caught in Saturday afternoon Bay bridge traffic. #Carnavalesca4life.

1995 Carnaval San Francisco Award Standing
Overall Fogo tied 3rd-place with Betho Filho of Oju Oba. 
tied 1st place - Brazilian Dance
2nd Place Brazilian Visual & Float
3rd  Place Brazilian Music.

      San Francisco Carnaval San Francisco during this era brimmed with the legacy of Pioneers and trailblazers cultivating cultural seeds and traditions in the Bay Area bridged with endless creative boundaries and no borders! The very thrust of today's organizational efforts are emblazoned by the vision of such luminaries, folks from the barrios, favelas and the ghettos - to the working class, Master Artists, Craftsmen, Corporate, Entrepreneurs with the "upper echelon" engaging in frivolous revelry, as Shaman and Priestess bless the streets with traditional rituals in the midst of protests of the day -- One has never seen such festive gathering so unique as Carnaval San Francisco.
"Porta Bandeira" "Batucaje 1980         

Jacque Barnes/Dance Pioneer/Master Teacher
Photo courtesy: Rick Telesforo
The competition results of the year of 1995, was ladened with Carnaval Artistic excellence of Grand Champions D'Midas International to Bay Area Dance muse Betho Filho of Oju Oba, Stephen/Colleen Tiffenson of Mas Makers Massive, mesmerized by innovators Kip Farris "Float Designer Extraordinaire" [RIP] and raising the bar was Carnaval Royalty Josephine Morada and Chalo Eduardothen blazing their own trails through Escola Nova de Samba, hailing  
 from the legendary halls of Jose Lorenzo & Jacque Barnes' of Escola de Samba Batucaje - The first Brazilian Carnaval Group of the times and First Champions of Carnaval San Francisco. //@nzoCALIFA
*Lithograph -Oakland Museum of California (C) 1982 Judith Herzog Bebianno 1982; (C) 2017, Oakland Museum of California Escola De Samba / Batucaje / Directed By Jose Lorenzo". Poster's btm:
" Champions Of Carnival 1981 / the Dance of Life! 
San Francisco Carnaval Parade".


Carnaval San Francisco Article listings researched and compiled by 
R. Califa Calloway, Nzo Califa Dance Works

*just click on the golden links*

i. "Absolutely, Positively, Fogolystic" 
by Bob Parks, The New Mission News, May 1995

iii. "The Beginning of Carnaval with Escola de Samba Batucaje"  by Richard Telesforo, El Tecolote, May 11, 2011

iv. "The Birth of Carnaval San Francisco on the Streets of San   Francisco",  by Willy Lizarraga,

Click link for more info about:  Carnaval San Francisco

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