Friday, October 28, 2016

nzoCALIFAncestry: Ancestors, Muertos, Fet Gede Celebrations

Fall 2016 Ancestral Season  Egun ire'o, Egun iba'se - Everyday is a day of reflection and remembrance of those who belong to us. Fall Harvest rites include Seasonal Celebrations of Good Souls and All Good Saints. Our Ancestral Avatar Tonti Reginae Louisianne invokes our platform to survey the Bay Area and create a pix list to engage all those of us with Ancestors to get in Formation and propitiation -- And this means YOU! KWA SIMBO Bom Fete Gede to our Haitian kinship throughout the U.S. to the Bay, Bom fete to our kinfolks in New Orleans; Bien venido Dias de los Muertos with signs of Calveras and Marigolds lacing the districts of San Jose to San Francisco - BendiciĆ³n; A grand Salute of light and progress to the Mighty T[C]hamba Heritage and Society. May we all be enlightened by the wisdom of our Ancestors. Question?! Have you added names to your Family Tree lately?!  Download a form below* and or contact us at  Walk well good folks!   

 ~R. Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works                        __________________________                                                                   



Current Exhibits and Events

Dia de los Muertos * SUN. October 30, 2016

2:00p - 6:00p Market St, STOCKTON, CA



Festival Advisory
Learn traditional songs for the Gede family, and sway your hips to the infectious rhythms 
of Maskawon, Zarenyen, and Banda!
  • Song Workshop with Daniel "Brav" Brevil | Musical Director, RTL
  • Dance Performance with Rara Tou Limen | elevationx9
  • Dance Workshop with Portsha Jefferson | Artistic Director, RTL
*** Community Potluck to immediately follow Dance Workshop***

Please bring a dish, drink, snack or dessert offering to share with the community


Please wear Purple, Black and White, the traditional colors for Gede.
 Suggested offerings for Ancestor Altar:

photos of loved ones, flowers, white candles, alcohol, fruit, florida water, etc.
Suggest offerings for the Gede altar:

rum, cigars, crosses, skeletons, money, peppers, white powder, black hat, 

black glasses, baton

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Family Tree Chart Form*
courtesy of #nzoCALIFAncestry

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