Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Soul Dance Expression with Mestre Badaro of Viver Brasil

nzoCALIFA: Seen on Seen - Brasarte Studio, Berkeley California

      sept 2016- Master Class with Mestre Luis Badaró - A Dancer's refresher course in technique and expression dancing forms of Afro Brasilian Contemporaneo and movements of the Orixas. In combinations not your average 5-6-7-8 and most definitely not in English, your Dance intelligence is forced to be at optimum, yet Spirit's presence as well as your own is commanded; before too long you are a Dancer. This beloved class was perfectly ordained to ignite my recent Dance trek, as I had been on hiaitus due to field research work - YET, when your teacher is in town, you answer the CALL to Dance. Loved my body getting a quick refreshing thrash invoking recall between classes with the legendary Mestre King in Bahia to Badaro's savvy style also hailing from this important Dance legacy, yet blazing trails through his own works of Dance composition. In our Dance combo of Yemonja [all encompassing Mother, Life giver via the Ocean] he was emphatic about students learning the songs that accompany these Dance traditions as the two are synch in movement of its Axe'.

"My Class might be a little difficult because I teach technique and
expression,  it's important to the Dance."  ~Mestre Badaro [loosely translated]

Trained as a dancer and musician by Raimundo B. dos Santos, AKA Mestre King. In 1970, Mestre Badaró began performing professionally with many of Bahia's premier folkloric companies such as Olodumare, Viva Bahia and Grupo Oxum and Grupo Bale do SESC. 

Movements for Oxóssi (Òsóòsi) Orixa of the hunt. [clip @nzoCALIFA]

He's been involved with innumerable cultural projects representing Afro-Brazilian culture both in Brazil and throughout Europe and Africa with Bahia Axe Bahia. His formative training extended to teaching Afro-Brazilian dance in elementary and secondary schools and in dance and music schools and professional academies, receiving numerous choreographic awards both in Bahia and throughout Brazil including the United States.
Co-Founders of the Award Winning Dance Company Viver Brasil www.viverbrasil.com
Badaró's powerhouse Afro-Brazilian dance classes include: dances of the Candomble orixa (deity) tradition and various northeastern folkloric dance traditions; Contemporary classes include Badaro's own unique style of Afro Brasileiro Contemporaneo, blending traditional, modern and jazz forms; Social popular also include Dances of Brasil's Carnaval including Afro and Samba-Reggae, he is also the co-founder of Souther California Dance powerhouse - Viver Brasil.

      Joined by Dance Ethnologist Linda Yudin esteemed Civic Arts leader, Professional Teacher and 30 year field researcher of Afro Brasilian Cultural traditions, co-founded Viver Brasil in 1997 launching some of the most dynamic performance, presentations onto main stages taking it to the streets of Southern California all the way Salvador da Bahia, producing Cultural Arts program and training intensives. Viver Brasil embodies a vital cultural repository of Brasilian Dance movement, traditional and contemporary to the innovative -- Dance excellence revered, preserved and celebrated, com muito Axe'.

~R. Califa, Nzo Califa Dance Works
[content bridged withe Dance Academy Project & Viver Brasil]

Participants at a loja [shop] for Candomble in Salvador foto:Viver Brasil *grafix: @nzoCALIFA
Dancing at the Source is a 15-day cultural immersion to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, and has for 18 years provided travelers curated cultural tours along with daily dance, music, and Afro-Brazilian culture classes taught by experienced faculty.