Monday, July 11, 2016

nzoCALIFA: Sweet Remembrance of LIFE in this Dance...

Ago ire'o: Cooled from the overwhelming toil of spiritual responsibility, now transitioned into obedience, this post honors the beloved ones I've held dear in the physical world as colleague, master teacher, elder and favorably my Commune + Unity; whose excellence and respective works brought #SHINE and elevation to US and many. I salute you all in sweet remembrance and I release the nagging tendrils of loss, celebrating your excellence and simply your kinship to me, loving you sweetly in ascension into the Ancestral realm -- I call & wRITE your names. iba'e, iba'e  eni to nu and shall continue to cherish you.


Community Godmother, Liberation Leader, Wisdom Keeper, Int'l Songstress  
Iya aka Mama Fulani
~Love, Regina

From the Bay Area and beyond, with grand respects, light and sweet ascension to our dearest transitioned - Gran Don CHEIKH TAIROU MBAYE - give praise to Life!
[Transitioned May 2016]


Master Teacher Aziz Faye shares an intimate moment about his kinship and
Drum leader of Sabar traditions Cheikh Tairou Mbaye @nzoCALIFA

Renowned Percussionist, Performer, Folklorist, Father Brother and dear Friend Omo Obatala of Lucumi Tradition with time honored kinships from New York to the Bay Area and back. A petit curtsy to you Big Brother. 
~Love R. Califa


       Roquisha Townsend, a multi-talented professional dancer, master dance instructor and craftswoman of jewelry, hats, scarves and accessories lost her battle with kidney cancer on Wednesday October 7, 2015.  This beautiful and vivacious woman, who was also the Artistic Director of On Tap and creator of Roq's Creations was only 45.
Known by many of her students as Miss Roquisha, Roquisha taught and mentored hundreds of children in classical ballet, tap, jazz and West African dance techniques. Roquisha taught dance for Art of Ballet School of Dance, Dimensions Dance Theater's Rites of Passage Program, California Academy of Performing Arts and various other schools of dance. Children were drawn to her and loved her. She was well loved, respected and admired by all in the SF/East Bay artist community, as well as nationally and abroad. Roquisha was a caring and wise person. She touched the lives of many and  will be deeply missed.
Roquisha danced professionally with Dimensions Dance Theater, Art of Ballet Dance Company, Bantaba West African Dance Ensemble, and a beloved student of Sister Linda Faye Johnson in her formative years as well as that of numerous Teachers, Professionals and Colleagues. Her elegance, "ROQ-like" presence and feline candor shall always be cherished in memory and the Dance floor. 

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