Wednesday, June 1, 2016

@nzoCALIFA on Carnaval Shine w/ KOFY-TV

An online Tweet of #SHINE praise sent our way from KOFY TV ! Co-hosts for 
Carnaval San Francisco: #nzoCALIFA #CarnavalSF #localjustlikeyou

#aboutthatcrownLIFE @nzoCALIFA Yeye commissioned 
with a jewel of a team to thank, seen & unseen: 

KOFY-TV Co-hosts for Carnaval San Francisco
nzoCALIFA's Regina "Califa" Calloway & Radio Broadcast icon Marcos Gutierrez
Giving Praise to Mother Earth finding favor upon a finale Grand Parade Day
Carnaval San Francisco on KOFY-TV - SUN. May 29, 2016 Mission District

Love and gratitude to My Brothers and Coaches Sway Calloway & Terry Calloway, Mi Sistar-kin unmatched Janeen Johnson, Mi Ángel Negro - Mr. Angelo Brown, My 4614 Fam' and beyond, Queen Veronica Howard-Soto, Antonio Contreras Aviance and Maria Marisal for the lovely brass chocker/broach of ache', Angie & Jay at The Total Package of Hayward, the Producers/crew of KOFY-TV & Carnaval San Francisco, el futuro es ahora! -- #ShineOn Rodrigo Ehecatl Duran, oodles of Carnavalescos representing legacies, regions and culturas beloved, the incomparable Master of the Ceremony Radio Broadcast icon Mr. Marcos Gutierrez [benediccion]. 
     And mi gran finale of gratitude goes to one visionary vato, leader and consummate activist of creative power and comrade in cultura, #CarnavalSF Executive Producer, Mr. Roberto Hernandez - you saw the light y conjunto WE brought the #SHINE - Viva La Misión, Viva la gente, Viva VIDA. 
The best Support Team ever, eternally grateful!  #TeamDivineAlign
*some members not pictured*
   ~com muita Axe'    

Regina "Califa" Calloway, Nzo Califa Dance Works
KOFY TV co-host for Carnaval San Francisco 2016 


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