Wednesday, December 16, 2015

MalongaFEST 2015 - Life, Legacy & LIVING!

East Palo Alto, CA -- #Malonga ARTS legacy, is a treasured Cultural trust cultivating Congolese Dance and Traditions in the U.S. since 1977. Adjoined by Congolese Artistic luminaries and bridged with African American Cultural Gatekeepers, the NZO of Congolese Performance Arts transcend. One of the most infamous legacies is that of the late Malonga Casquelourd of Brazzaville, Congo, first to arrive in New York building with the Pioneering works of Sompa and Massamba, forming Tanawa Dance Company, on the books as 1977, to include Dance leader Thelma Cleopatra Loubaki as a founding member.

Malonga Family - 3 Generations of
Congolese Performing Arts legacy
Fua Dia Congo -
Our Congolese Heritage
     Malonga, later moving Westward to touch down  in 'lil Nairobi, moreover known as East Palo Alto,  made the WEST his stomping grounds; He'd be adjoined with Congolese Community pillars Maboukaka [iba'e] and Paul N'Goumba [iba'e] forming a legendary trio responsible for the the birth of Fua Dia Congo, advanced by Female Dance leadership of Regine Maboukaka Ndounda and Mama Donna McCraney to name a few. Fua's exciting launch was made possible fostered in a fertile Community of staunch progressive movement in the area: Nairobi College, Shule, Black leadership of Stanford University, the Community Mothers and Brotherhood of EPA. Relocating to Oakland, never losing ground, Fua Dia Congo expanded into a dynamic Cultural aesthetic and movement of Congolese Performing Arts traditions as Oakland remains a historical portal nurturing the sustainability of Fua Dia Congo.

      Now 4 generations forward, this legacy  flourishing Cultural institutions serving as a model for other Multi-African Cultural genres to thrive, including its Diaspora agents. MalongaFEST is carried forward by the leadership of its descendants still empowered by those same communities, yet forging innovative trails through old creative traditions. Yet, this year, led by its own Daughters, Mothers and talented Teachers Muisi-kongo and Lungusu Malonga, takes the 'FEST back  "where it all started", as East Palo Alto welcomes this celebratory occasion to strengthen ties, fuel creative fire and #DiataDiata advance forward. ~Matondo #MalongaFest2015 Honorable mention to the Pioneering Mothers of this legacy: Mama Nancy Maboukaka, Dr. Faye McNair-Knox, Mama Jeannie Ishman Brown [iba'e] and Ms. Cynthia Phillips

SEE flier about MalongaFEST2015, PARTICIPATE in Drum/Dance Classes
and GO Congo Camp MAUI2016
NOTE: Story as written for posting purposes with respects forward to the numerous agencies and Communal leaders that make this possible. 
~Regina Califa Calloway - Student of Malonga Casquelourd &  FUA / Diata Diata Alum, Kinship Community Partner via Congo SQ West Kinship Society.

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