Monday, September 28, 2015

Congo Square gives RIZE to #Dancestory2015 and #CSQwest10

‪#‎SumSOL2015‬ - Been writing, wRite-ing as fast as I can. The highlight of my Summer has been touching ground in the state of my Ancestors maternal and paternal - Louisiana.   My experience has been filled with Community-Arts building immersions, Spiritual boot camps, all-night research sessions and 24-hour sewing projects. 
Currently my sojourn bends round to its anchor leg with 92% of seasonal support towards #Dancestory2015, ever so grateful and forging ahead. -- #RiteOn. 

Special Summer highlights of my experience involved forwarding the mission of Congo SQ West Kinship Society commemorating its 10th year  "...of good works and prosperity." 
Joined by my cohorts Janeen Johnson and Muisi-kongo Malonga we participated in a Healing and Recovery" initiative in kinship with a 
"Brotha T" of   New Orleans
dynamic collective of New Orleans African-Ancestored Artists of #RhythmicAlchemy  via Nfungotah, Inc. A monumental undertaking giving rize and revival to the Spirit of Arts mediumships surpassing media-frenzied stigmas and setting historical benchmarks like Congo Square at midnite! Key organizer and Artist Visionary, was our very own Tyrone "Brotha T" Henry of New Orleans, also Bissap Breeze Co-owner and Founder of Nfungotah now recognized as Nfungotah, Inc.

Congo Square African
Houma fire Ritual
R. Califa w/ Master Fine Artist
Fred Johnston

Sunday Soul sessions began with a visit to the #Water shrine commissioned by #Rhythmic Alchemy; we co-created and installed, a 16 ft African Mermaid more notably called #MamiWata the world over, in paying homage to African Matrilineal Spiritual traditions. The day progressed into a celebratory gathering lead by Elder state folks and Commune+Unity of Congo Square, Dance, Drum, Culture and ‪#Kimble‬ kinship; A 4-direction salute by Coco, Chief of the Houma Indians right in the space where their historical field harvest was celebrated. And in that same spot, we participated in a cleansing ritual and released them worries, woes and festerings to burrrrn -- a'dupe Baba Luther, and Mama JamilahWAAAH to the Spiritual Mothers/Leaders of Congo Square and hail up the Paul Guerra Studio/ Summer Artist Residency: work-create-[Wo]manifest *ting*.

Thank you to the special collection of Family surnames shared with me of spirit-filled convo-exchanges giving inference to what makes New Orleans special, leading to unique intersections among community kin -- All on a powerful Monday-- Ire'o Golden Feather. Brass Bands, Red Beans and Rice, African collard greens, and last Summer eating Shrimp Po'boys [yeeesh] I truly cherish my sessions of solitude sitting with Mami Mississippi.

...and to my Ancestors, at every turn, you let it be seen, told and heard, that 
I'm on the rite track, along with those Elders that blessed me with incantations.
Restaurant /Cultural Institution  
feat. Traditions of Congo Square
704 N. Rampart St. #NOLA
Societé Minokan Vodou
"Papa Guede" Kumbuka African
Drum and Dance Collective

Now working to travel to where my Father was born [Summerfield] and where my Grands owned land [West Carroll Parish] -- never been there, yet not too far. If you know anything about Track & Field and I've been a runner for over 17 years of my life, that last leg is EVERYTHING, especially with intentional support. 
     Check in on how much we've gained as I've sprinkled much information upon my platforms on Facebook, Twitter @nzoCALIFA and the #Dancestory2015 link, ongoing since 2013. Ask questions and DO share a good word or three.  Search hashtags #Dancestory2015 #CSQwest10 or #RhytmicAlchemy  and follow the trail of good works in motion.

Big Queen Ausettua of the Washitaw Nation, Founder of Kumbuka, joined by 
2nd Chief Shaka Zulu of Yellow Pocahontas, Golden Feather Co-owner.
Aug. 29, 2015 - Nfungotah, Inc.'s #RhythmicAlchemy at Congo Square
in partnership with Gulf South Rising. / #CSQwest10

Thanking you ALL ahead for the love, faith and support. Walk well and wishing you a Happy Odunde, Egun Season, bountiful Harvest for us all. 
A deep note of gratitude to the New Orleans African Artist Village, Spiritual Mothers of Congo Square & Rhythmic Alchemy Collective.  A special salute to the indomitable  works of  Colette Pichon Battle and Gulf South Rising 2015Matondo!!!

Loving life and you immensely,
Regina "Califa" Calloway
Nzo Califa Dance Works [FB]
Congo SQ West Kinship Society[FB]

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