Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th: In the Fireworks midst - Lest WE forget #NOLA!

Lest we forget to call "their" names #Ancestors iba'se...and with divine permission give praise to the mighty forces of God that facilitate their sweet ascension. Hekuah Ọya-Iyansan! ~MAAFA2015 - Congo Square, USA via Kim Vaz-Deville, Author

As symbolic racist flags come down, this RBG Flag goes UP in remembrance! 

March in conjunction with the #BYP100NOLA action against White Supremacist monuments... #FrenchQuarter
Ole Miss' knows just HOW our Soul runs deep... #NOLA #MAAFA2015
chanting " more violence, no more pain." ~may the petitions be accepted in good favor.

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