Monday, June 29, 2015

Ago Ire'o: Prosperity & Praise in the Service!

Ago Ire'o Monday - A SoulFILLED weekend of prayers, petitions of favor, presentations and prosperity forward. Sharing...

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#CSQwest10: #GoodGIVE360 Campaign, Celebrating 10 YEARS!

R. Calloway delivering #CSQwest10 address foto:@RealSway
"When WE envision together, we shift the Earth and collectively better our disposition." 

May 28th, 2015 -- Celebrations in order at the exciting launch of a historical night in the Bay Area honoring Cultural Gatekeepers. At the helm, Dance Pioneer Blanche Brown the Guest of Honor of Congo SQ West Kinship Society's Flagship event in partnership with the 
San Francisco International Arts Festival. Held at Fort Mason's Cowell Theater, it was a grand evening of reunion, revival of Spirit and a wonderful reflection upon the living legacies as seen through the lens of 5 Honorees whose historical works transcend into what has enriched the Bay Area's Cultural landscape today.        
        More true to the vision, is the deep focus to honor Eldership in African and African Diaspora Cultural Arts traditions starting at the age of 50 and over. Recognizing the wealth of information dwelling within these living temples, Congo SQ West in its 10th year rises to the occasion in mission to preserve these cultural legacies into keepsake formats, a database resource collection library, while advancing the didactic quality of their works. We are humbled by the enormous outpouring of adulation and praise by good folks of shared vision and remain dedicated to continue the manifestation of cultivating a lasting archive that shall benefit generations to come.
A Grand Salute to my comrade Janeen Ella Johnson, Our esteemed Honorees, Participants and Celebrants, SF International Arts Festival, CSQwest Good Service Agents, Brother Adimu Madyun & 8ft Tall Productions, Pedro Rosale, Marina Lavalle & Vladimir Ludovic, Roberto Hernandez & Duane Deterville, Alumni members of Blanche Brown legacy, Bay Area Bata Legends Society, Commune+unity and kinship members of Congo SQ West Kinship Society.  

~R. Calloway, Founder Member #CSQwest10

Learn more about the excitement of this memorable night at:
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