Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Odoyá, Yemanjá! Waves of Dance offering

Berkeley, CA --  Yemanja' Arts Festival, Cas de Cultura Feb. 27/28th 2015

IYALODE! Oh great Mother, thank you for your efficacious works washed though our respective Arts mediumship; expelling unhealthy sediment[al] sentiments refreshing our perspectives of the Greater purpose before us. * "Meme" below inspired by the course of my own Artistic offering in alignment to #Dance for Iya with fellow Sistars of Yabas Dance Company: Laura de Costa, Ashlee George, Aisha Gorson, Asatu Hall-Allah, Lean Kimble-Price, Jamie Thompson, Daphney Washington & Dandha da Hora, Artistic Director. 

Yemanja Arts Festival envisioned by Conceicao Damasceno 
@Brasarte, Berkeley, CA | An evening of Artistic offerings for Yemanja'
#DandhadaHora, Artistic Dir.
Yabas Dance Company
"Irmandade" Yabas Dance Company "Our Roots / Axe' Ile "

May the descendants of these sacred Matriarchal rites continue to progress onward and upwards facilitating our vital presence, nurturing the sacred wisdom--our  very keys of life and wash our wishes and best dreams to the surface for proper manifestation. com muito Axe' ~R. Califa

Dança Força Dandha da Hora en movimiento

Dance offering at Yemanja Arts Festival - Feb. 2015

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