Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb.2015 #GoodGIVE360 launch at Malonga Center

 fotog: kimara alan dixon
FORM & FUNCTION off to a beautiful start as Dance Classes at the Malonga Center began on February 1st,  
in continued kinship with the legacy Omulu Capoeira Group - Kintuari Chapter, led by the Anthony "Busca' He" Fidel, 
teamed with an impressive group of change agents. Our Community Class Series, extend from a legacy of Arts bridging of Capoeira, Music and Dance pioneered through the trailblazing leadership of Mestre Carlos Gilberto Aceituno [iba'e], since 1993. 
 As a Capoeirista, I continue to make a contribution to the "roda of life" to keep it vital and usher a branch of education informing students of cultural traditions associated with Capoeira, and remain a dedicated advisor in Bay Area program development, challenging students to flex their movement through service. Students showed up at 10:30A with donations of blankets socks, jackets, scarves all on a Sunday - now that's CHURCH. We're collecting more until FEB. 8th. Learn more about the Form and Function Dance Class and our 1st #GoodGIVE360 [ click link ] *an nzoCALIFA initiative

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