Monday, January 12, 2015

BOOST your DANCE-Immunity 2015

nzo.califa Dance Works "Form and Function" classes draws inspiration from an historical era of Dance training in the Bay Area reared at legacy Cultural Dance Institutions such as Oakland Parks and Recreation Department, Wajumbe Cultural Center, Laney College Dance Dept. and Everybody's Creative Arts Center, responsible for making SanFrancisco/Oakland Bay Area a West Coast Dance destination place! Today the Bay Area is a vibrantly enriched cultural landscape made unique in its own character and the home to some of the country's celebrated African Dance and Diaspora Institutions and Festivals.

Classes are led by its Creator, Regina Califa who hails from these institutions as Life Student, Cultural caretaker and Professional Teaching Artist. Formalized in Jazz Dance, Dunham, Contemporary and Ballet, she encompasses a foundation and Ethnography deeply rooted in multi-African Dance-Drumming-Spiritual traditions, with extensive Teaching experience in choreography and training at Community Arts Centers, OUSD, SFUSD, Performing Arts Schools, Fitness Centers, Dance Sports Programs, Carnaval Programming and Communal Dance ritual and presentation. She's a well-versed performance Artist, sought after for her expertise as a "Cultural translator" in African Diaspora Dance Cultural traditions. nzo.califa's motto: 
"...where Dance lives and Spirit moves."

Co-partnered with Boom Shake Music, January Tuesdays at In the Groove Dance Studio site, Students will learn Brasilian Dance movement styles such as Dança Libre, Popular and Orixa movement - utilizing exciting music trax - Tribal, Samba Reggae, Axe' and Samba Funke'.

Sunday, February 1st, at the historic Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, join a February Fête of Dance-building activity in kinship with Omulu Capoeira-Kintuari #GoodGIVE360 a nzo califa Dance Works initiative encourages our #Dance Community to Give more "in Dance". Keeping in tradition of Malonga Center legacy, Sunday sessions are a Communal Dance Experience utilizing African Diaspora movement forms [ Brasilian, Cuban, Haitian ] to influential Jazz, Contemporary and Popular music styles, with accompanying guest musicians as the Season unfolds. This class is the jump off of the day and will incite Students to engage in the regularly scheduled programming legacy at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts 1428 Alice st, Oakland California, 4 blocks towards Lake Merritt near 12th BART downtown Oakland: 

SUNDAY Programming at the Malonga Center:
[ 2nd floor ]
  • 10:30p-12:00p "Form & Function" w/Regina Califa *starting Feb. 1st Diaspora/Dance/Music Exploration & Technique *Community Dance Class series via Omulu Capoeira Kintuari
  • 12:30p-2:00p  Congolese Dance - Patrice M'bayero & collective  
  •   2:00p-3:30p Afro Haitian Dance - Portsha Jefferson
  •   4:00p-6:00p Samba Funk Carnaval Explosion- King Theo 
[ 3rd floor ]
  • 12:30p-2:00p Afro Cuban Orisha Dance Movement - EMESÈ: Messengers of the African Diaspora
  •  2:30p-4:00p Beginning Afro Cuban Drum - Manuel Suarez
  •  4:00p-5:30p Guinee Dance Class - Alseny Soumah, Master Teacher

nzo.califa's Form and Function  classes are designed toward encouraging focused movement, making the learning experience more accessible and to incite further training. All Dance agents of good Spirit are welcomed.

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