Monday, June 2, 2014

#DANCESTORY2014: In The Lab - Examining the stories lived...

#Dancestory2014: In The Lab -- Utilizing #Dance as a mediumship for service, I am now analyzing my field works the finds and loving the stories along the way. Dance also serves as a powerful means for telling our stories. This holds true through a legacy of inspiration in training in African Dance and Drum Cultural traditions primarily of West and Central Africa, furthering my quest to weave lines of symmetry extending to its diaspora tributaries. And the Bay Area, California is a Gold mine for unearthing that for which has enriched its cultural landscape. Yet how does one begin? Creativity is my inspiration and #Genealogy is my tool, and this is how I got started via #Dancestory2013  click link to learn more. ~njoy  

R. Califa Calloway

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