Thursday, June 26, 2014

#CarnavalDanceSeries @The WEB Oakland - June 26th 2014

Closing Class Session in Axé

"Shall I proceed...YES, indeed" The closing class to the  #‎CarnavalDanceSeries THURS. JUNE 26, 2014 Come #BeInTheDance and BE LIFTED or catch inspiration from a fave on my playlist as we'll #‎Dance our working combo to:  "MAGANO" the "Axé" song by Carlinhos Brown e Sergio Mendes.

#‎CalifadaBahia94 moment: I first encountered the thunderous sounds of Timbalda and charismatic force of Carlinhos Brown in Salvador da Bahia '94 on the ground - Must have paraded 2 hours straight no Subsequently in the Late 90's on their U.S. Tour Carlos Aceituno & Fogo Na Roupa was bestowed with the honor to open for Carlinhos Brown & Timbalada at the SF Galeria Trade Center- I played repique, WE ROCKED for sure and Carlinhos Brown gave us a thumbs up. The concert to follow phenomenally transformed the space with Drums, visuals, and Carlinhos Brown's infectious energia com muito força of Candeal de Salvador da Bahia.  #RiteOn

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