Thursday, February 20, 2014

nzoCALIFA pix: World Carnaval-Fête Movements 2014

                                                   Laissez Les Bon Temp Rouler!!!                                 
BOM CARNAVAl & Raise ya Flags - It's World Carnaval time! Through the lens as a Carnavalesco, I've posted select experiences on the ground, with kinship network highlights. Please re-visit and share as there'll be special posts from my archives - Do support, sustain & give praise to our thriving legacies: Mardi Gras Indians, #NOLA Brass Bands,  and elevate #WhatIsGoodAboutOakland!
I encourage your participation this year from today 'til the #Bay-MAY. And as for us Lifers, I wish you long life, legacy and prosperity forward.   R. Califa, nzo.califa Dance Works


 #NOLA - New Orleans
Legacy Patriarch, Big Chief Allison "Tootie" Montana
What it Takes to Mask A Mardi Gras Indian 
[click link above]
with Big Chief Darryl Montana
Yellow Pocahontas *Article: LBJ- WGNO/News with a Twist

#TREME - Our beloved Tribute to legacy of
Uncle Lionel #Batiste [NYC- 2010]

#MardiGrasIndian #NOLA #ChiefShakaZulu 

What once was legend has been a glorious legacy birth yielding multiple platforms of artistic vision, cultivating traditions & generations of community building; no matter the story its important to know, learn them and make atonement with yOURS before you hit the streets...this one is for ALL Carnavalescos        [ R. Califa, nzo.califa Dance Works ]
Sir Lawerence, Beatrice Ross & Adela Chu - #Carnaval #BayArea Pioneers
The Birth of Carnaval on the Streets of San_Francisco [click link] 

#GrupoSambaRio directed by World-Class percussionist Mestre Jorge Alabê

Our Award Winning Carnaval Contingent Latin Dance Grooves captures the cover!

R. Califa #Dance offering at Brazilian-Carnaval Bahia Style 
w/ Tambores Julio Remelexo/ SambaDA members - Saluba Iyabas

#Brazil: #Salvador #Bahia
"Califa da Bahia '94"
This year commemorates my 20th year Soulful journey from the Oakland, CA to Salvador da Bahia, Brasil in '94. Since then I've traveled back maybe 6 or 7 times always unearthing, educating and building through Community-Arts activism, deeply inspired by this special kinship - a powerful creative legacy that continues to move my Heart!  Feliz Aniversario Ilê Aiyê"o' charmada Liberdade,"  eu vou sempre amor Olodum e bom Axe  Malé DebaléSalve movimientos Blocos Afros de Salvador! 

#Bloco #ILêAIYê

#Bloco #OLODUM 
#Pelorinhou #Bahia
— Shine_Agent™ (@Shine_Agent) (@MorroSixteen) | February 17, 2014

#Bloco #MUZENZA 
Gets Ready! #Salvador #Bahia

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