Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in vigil and vigilante...Georgia on my mind

#wRiteOn...what does it mean to STAND in the face of adversity, fame, divinity or death! My Grandmother Georgia says,  "don't let 'em make you fall!"  when you face obstacles in your way, no matter what -you just STAND! 
      Spent a good deal in Georgia - And it certainly would be on my mind to this date for several reasons- Genealogy and I have always loved the area.  Troy Davis convicted of the August 19, 1989, murder of Savannah, Georgia State police officer, is denied clemency even with the outcry from the most impressive protest of injustice to date.  And while "on the path"  I'd come across a protest at Georgia State University, Fri. Sept. 16th and felt compelled to join if only for a moment. This after I'd spent a great deal of time immersed in the Martin Luther King Jr, Visitor Center's exhibition and stood at the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Such a dichotomy of circumstances surrounding "Justice"- if only for Just US!  Such looming characteristics of the times yielding a myriad of opinions, but for those who can't afford any idle time - it's the same ole sh*t different day and been time for a CHANGE! 
As the Universe watches, the people speak and began to march, protest and resist - it is a Global movement and Global cry! And, I remain in vigil for the preservation of precious Black seeds still breathing...I got mo', but gotta go' | ~nzo.califa

song dedication: Curtis Mayfield - "People Get Ready"http://youtu.be/VOXmaSCt4ZE