Thursday, April 28, 2011

When "Kawo" knocks -- It Roars and POURS!

#wRiteOn Today, "Kawo" came knocking at my window. I was awaken by an earthshaking thunderous roar amidst the towers, at the crossroads of urbanity-noire. Normally I yell out a praise name or so...this morning I was deeply humbled. It seems the citizens of heaven threw out their mop water, dumping it upon the pour souls who happened to be on the streets this morning- yellin', screamin'-- aghast cause they are now drenched, without any warning of a light rain or partial shower. It was like water dumped on yo' head and now you're drenched!  
     "Kawo" kept knocking on my window, even 6 floors high to remind me who's the greater, and that I'm but a mere Human - "Remember that!" Yet, it was is in that still moment that I inquired quietly, what are my tasks for today?! I do this daily and expect a litany of things to do and vibe off of keeping busy - BUT this morning, it's about sitting and doing the mundane; cleaning and preparing and finding these tasks to be priority, making lighter those things on your heart that sit like an unwanted guest.  Turn up the bitters to finish Spring rites of cleaning and cleansing, including your blood, your mind - YOUR ROOM!
     So today, with a myriad of tasks I could do, things happening and projects undone - I KIZZY- "stay put". And it would be then I'd receive an all important call that "the gates are officially opening at Congo Square, NOLA" and its name will FINALLY be on the books" - Sounds like THUNDER to me!

Musical dedication:  Donald Byrd - "A New Perspective"  
Muse: Ella Fitzgerald
Listen: WWOZ 90.7fm Every Sunday, 8p-10p Spirits of Congo Square w/Eugene Thomas aka Baba Geno

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