Mbote! Dance w/ nzoCALIFA

Nzo Califa Dance Works step up its service to #Dance, ushering a series 
of Diaspora movement workshops 
challenging Students to step up, train in form and function, invoking their own sojourn along the way. 
Our platforms incite a Spirit of deeper service as Dance agents/mediums, through Community rituals & fetes and personal transformNATION workshops, while cultivating the power of a #goodGIVE.
We enjoy partnering initiatives of empowerment, and professionally trained to in-service Community-building and Cultural Performing Arts programming. We are field leaders in African Diaspora Cultural Arts Enrichment Workshops & Conferences. Contact us, and lets advance Dance service together: email: califa510@yahoo.com
                 social media: @nzoCALIFA | Nzo Califa Dance Works [click link]

More than history, amplify your story starting with Ancestral Wisdom of your Family.
Be inspired by the unearthings of our Guided Genealogist R. Califa Calloway

Fueled by Family and Community Support, advance the next steps of this Dance-inspired venture of the Season, bridging #Dance and technology researching Family History, NEXT LEVEL!
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A phenomenal encounter made possible by my great Friends, Family & Community; my works are now ROOTStech fueled with laser focus, grand stewardship and Ancestral inspirations. #workingmylines #danceyourdestiny #Dancestory2017


A message from our #Dance agents
~muita obrigada, R. Califa

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